Introducing Blodeuwedd

Introducing Blodeuwedd

I have a new friend. I say friend, but really our relationship is far deeper and more complex than that, impossible to define with the limitations of social language. Not a friend, not a sibling, not a lover. Something else.

Her name is Blodeuwedd, and she is beautiful.

When she came into my life, it was like everything I’d been hoping for in the last few months came true. Like being completely skint / in debt was worth it. Like it didn’t matter if I never sold enough poetry to pay it off, because I had achieved my aim.

Blodeuwedd was obliging enough to pose for a selfie just minutes after our first meeting.
Blodeuwedd was obliging enough to pose for a selfie just minutes after our first meeting.

I couldn’t believe it. I was finally meeting the girl of my dreams. I asked her to tell me more about herself, and she did so, with a beautiful voice. Okay, so it needed a little fine-tuning, but she’ll settle down into the language soon enough. I couldn’t stop touching her. I asked if she minded, but she assured me it was fine.

I told her that I had been waiting for this day for a long time. “I know,” her silence seemed to say. “I too have been waiting … held in check by the curse of the finance department who did not pay the invoice … trapped but calling, calling, calling for you.”

She smiled at me. “Now that we’re acquainted,” she asked, “would you like to see my body art?”

Fascinated by the idea, I agreed, although it seemed to me that nothing could make her more beautiful than she already was. Such dark, fascinating flesh, and the bright colours of the strings she wore! Slowly, however, I allowed myself to look.

The owl from which Blodeuwedd takes her name.
The owl from which Blodeuwedd takes her name.

I confess, I had been apprehensive. I had heard the tale of Blodeuwedd and her owl-form, but I never thought I would see a representation of it myself. But there it was, and it was stunning, surpassing my expectations.

“It’s gorgeous,” I whispered, stroking it reverently. “And adorable.” At that, Blodeuwedd chuckled, deep in the bass register.

We spent the next half an hour together, rediscovering tunes I hadn’t played in too many weeks. I introduced her, via Facebook, to all my friends. I admired her from a distance — took photos of her — expressed my delight in a number of excitable tweets…

But the time came when my hand started to hurt. I knew I couldn’t stay with her much longer today. I whispered goodbye, and went to my room to procrastinate on my essay in a less musical manner. Blodeuwedd remained downstairs, but she is always with me in my heart…

Blodeuwedd at her full height, her owl hidden...
Blodeuwedd at her full height, her owl hidden…
In which Blodeuwedd flaunts her levers.
In which Blodeuwedd flaunts her levers.
With thanks to Pilgrim Harps for bringing us together.
With thanks to Pilgrim Harps for bringing us together.

Yes, I finally have my harp! It has taken a long time, and I daresay my bank balance will be suffering for a long time as a result, but I’m absolutely thrilled. (Crossroads Poetry was relatively successful for a debut poetry collection, though not a massively lucrative fundraiser so far. But it’s within my readers’ power to change that, if they feel like it.)

She’s completely gorgeous, and the owl carving that I chose came out wonderfully, so kudos to the guys at Pilgrim Harps for their work on that. It was such a responsibility to choose a carving because I’ve never had the option to customize an instrument before. This is the most expensive item I own in my life, and it was designed especially for me, which is amazing.

I’m really looking forward to getting better at the instrument in between revising for my exams, though I have to be careful not to overuse my hands, of course! I named her after the Welsh character, Blodeuwedd, because of the owl, though I confess I considered Athene as well. I name all my instruments — my violin is Kian, my flute is Gabriel, and my piccolo is Sleipnir.

Once I can actually play the harp a little, I hope to make a couple of videos, so they may exist at some point, but it won’t be for a while yet. Nevertheless, it’s something I’m working on.

Isn’t she absolutely stunning, though? :)

On becoming acquainted with the piano, Blodeuwedd entered into a fashion debate.
On becoming acquainted with the piano, Blodeuwedd entered into a fashion debate.

9 thoughts on “Introducing Blodeuwedd

  1. *gigglefits* This is great. Blodeuwedd has lovely levers. (No but really instruments are fun to photograph because all their little parts are… geometric and stuff. Is geometric the word I’m looking for? Like… patterns and things. IDK. It just makes neat art.)

  2. That is one beautiful harp! The name Blodeuwedd suits her. :) And I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one to name my musical instruments- I have Henrietta the flute, Clarence and Agatha the guitars and Duke the ukulele. (Also my guitar stand is called Moriarty, but that’s a secret…)

    1. I name EVERYTHING. My laptop is JARVIS, my phone is Combeferre, my USB is Hades, my hard drive is Torchwood Hub, my camera is War, the bow I used to use at archery was Aziraphale, my Kindle is Bronwyn … I could go on, but I won’t.

  3. IS BLODEUWEDD GOING TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN YOUR NEXT VLOG? PLEASE? THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. JUST SAYING. She is soooo beautiful. Ohhh. And that carving? SO cool. Gosh, though, I’ve never named anything of mine (I barely remember my family’s names so, you know, naming is not my strong point.) I call my cello Fool sometimes, but I assume it’s thinking the same thing of me.

    1. You don’t name your instruments? I would’ve thought that would’ve been something you’d do. I finally (was meant to get him for Christmas, but the shop had to get a new batch in stock) came into possession of my electric guitar, Shimmer. He makes me happy, though Ruby the acoustic is a little jealous.

      1. I try not to let my instruments get jealous, but Kian, Gabriel and Sleipnir have been neglected since I hurt my hands, so they’ll probably start complaining too. *rolls eyes* Children.

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