Of Giant Furniture And Stubborn Printers

Of Giant Furniture And Stubborn Printers

I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that I’m not only alive, but settling in to my life at uni. And by “settling in” I mean desperately rushing around from place to place, feeling somewhat like a headless chicken, and trying frantically to keep on top of all the many appointments with innumerably people that I have to get to in the next 24 hours. It’s stressing me out. I’m praying the term isn’t like this.

(I’m sure it won’t be, because I will actually have some kind of set timetable that makes sense, instead of a general freshers timetable and a number of appointments I’ve had to make personally that are all written down in different places. But yes. It’s a little bit hectic.)

Because of all that I’ve barely even found a moment to go online, and it doesn’t help that my tablet is point-blank refusing to recognise the existence of any WiFi network whatsoever, in its usual stunningly helpful way. Pepper, you’re useful, but man are you a piece of crap. Sigh. I’ll fix it eventually — it’s not as bad as my printer, which won’t even turn on. Evidently the journey from London was a little bit traumatic for it or something.

I probably should have waited until I'd finished unpacking before I took photos.
I probably should have waited until I’d finished unpacking before I took photos.

My room is huge, though it lacks the sinks that several of my friends have got, and has somewhat limited storage space for clothes. There’s enough, and it’s far bigger than I could have expected. It’s on the ground floor, which makes harp transportation less of a mission, and I have a garden view, so that’s lovely.

Less lovely is the nearest kitchen, which is tiny and does not have an oven (so I can’t even cook pizza); likewise, the shower across the corridor has excellent water pressure if you don’t mind the fact that it comes out of the side below the shower head rather than, you know, actually out of the shower head. There are more showers a little further along so I might go and investigate them, though no doubt my unwillingness to walk down a cold corridor late at night after showering will mean I mostly use the dodgy one anyway. Because I’m like that.

I’m working on that. And trying not to set off any fire alarms when making toast.

My first impression was that I’m pretty sure my room was built for a giant. The picture rails are higher than the ceiling in my room at home. The door is about a foot taller than any normal door. I’m frantically trying to decide where to stand when filming vlogs because if I stand where the light is best, I am surrounded by GIANT FURNITURE, so all my subscribers will think I’m a midget.

Here I am standing by some shelves so you can see how high they are.
Here I am standing by some shelves so you can see how high they are.

Even standing on my bed I can barely reach the third shelf — the top one is completely out of the question. I do have a rather nice writing desk, though, which you can see behind me. No idea how much use I’ll actually have for it (because writing by hand is a not easy for me), but it’s a cool thing to own, and it constitutes my only drawer-space in the room.

Still, maybe I am just a pixie. This picture my parents took of me from the window of my room would suggest such a thing:

2014-10-06 08.12.32So far I’ve taken a fair amount of vlog footage, although most of the people I’ve asked have been fairly reluctant to appear on camera so I only have a couple of guests so far. That’s a shame — I was planning to knock on doors, introduce myself as the friendly neighbourhood vlogger, and bribe people with smartie cookies if they’d introduce themselves on camera. But it didn’t work out that way, not least because of the location of my room. (I’m very isolated, which is good for vlogging and dictation and playing the harp, but not great for communicating with other human beings.)

When I get a minute, I’ll try and edit some of it, but it’s going to be days before I’m in my room long enough to upload it! Unless I do the unsociable thing and hide in my room this evening, which I’m honestly considering doing. There’s a craft night happening for the non-drinkers, but I’m not sure I’ll go, because I’m pretty tired and could probably do with some alone time.

I also really need to get organised: wash up the mugs that are filling my room, make some tea, check my emails and generally get on top of all the things that seem so out of my control at the moment. If I’m this bewildered at the beginning of term, I’m going to struggle once our all-day introductory lectures start on Wednesday… argh!

Normal blog service will be resumed as and when things settle down into something resembling normality, which may not be for quite a while. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions about my Cambridge experience, and I’ll see if I can answer them.

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