Souls For Sale! Discount Prices!

Souls For Sale! Discount Prices!

So, I’ve never celebrated Hallowe’en, or indeed Samhain, or anything else associated with this time of year. But I’m aware of all the stories, all the symbolism, all the beliefs, and I’m pretty sure if you’re trying to get caught up with fairies, it’s a good time to be dancing around stone circles or something. It’s a time where the veils between worlds are at their thinnest, right?

And I don’t know if you remember, but that’s a theme I explored quite a lot in my first poetry collection, Crossroads Poetry. You know, meeting places between worlds, demon deals, running away with the fairies, that kind of thing. So I figured I’d be nice, and put that on sale if anybody’s interested in buying it. It’ll go back to its normal price (£2) on 1st November, so you’ve got a few days to get it discounted.

Also, though I say so myself, I’d say that’s a pretty gorgeous cover. Still my favourite.

Okay, Amazon’s complex and evil systems mean it’s only going down to £1.51 or some absurd number like that, which isn’t a huge discount, but it’s still cheaper than usual. And it’s down to £1.50 on both Nook and Kobo (plus some discounts in another currencies, mostly decided by me choosing numbers that sounded nice rather than actually bothering with conversion rates).

For those who weren’t readers of my blog when that was released and don’t know anything about it, here’s the blurb:

If one’s soul is visible in poetry, then selling a collection is like making a deal with a demon. In the stories, those contracts are always signed at a crossroads. This collection reflects that theme. It’s about meeting places, and oaths, and sacrifice. It’s about blood and bones and personal hell. It’s about fallen angels and humans with their eyes turned to heaven. If this is love poetry, then it’s the love of the shadows, of night, and of death.

As I wrote about it in January, prior to its release:

[It’s a]n exceedingly creepy [collection]. It’s based on the idea of crossroads and oaths and making deals and desperation, of meeting places between worlds and ideologies and systems of belief, of turning points in history… stuff like that. It probably won’t appeal to people who aren’t interested in the macabre, the grim, or the somewhat gory. I like talking about blood and death a lot. Think myths rather than fairytales, the daoine sidhe rather than flower fairies. Think Loki chained up under the mountain and Aeneas in the underworld and the Morrigan in her role as a goddess of death and destruction.

It’s been well-received by those who’ve read it and has received some nice reviews from people on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s sold significantly more copies and had more reviews than my other two collections, although it’s hard to tell how much of that is because I emotionally blackmailed people into buying it as a birthday present to me (I released it on my 18th birthday).

“they tackled heavy topics, such as death, loneliness, and sacrifice in a deep, honest, raw, and beautiful way. I was constantly underlining passages in the book because they were so breathtaking”

“Crossroads Poetry is full of dark imagery that is executed brilliantly, with free verse and a vast vocabulary. As a lover of words, this put a smile on my face.”

“Miriam Joy paints such vivid pictures with her words, such powerful stories and dark profound feelings… It’s just amazing”

(While we’re on the subject of people saying nice things about my writing, this review of Broken Body Fragile Heart gave me major emotions the other day, and I’m tempted to print it out and stick it on my wall for days when I feel sad.)

So yeah, Crossroads Poetry is my dark, creepy collection, just right for this time of year. Whether it’s Hallowe’en or Samhain or something else I’ve forgotten about that has a similar darkness about it that you’re remembering this week — or even if you think both are ridiculous and intend to have a completely normal evening on the 31st, the same as me — maybe you’d be interested in checking out the collection while it’s discounted?

If it’s not showing up as cheaper yet, give it a few hours, sometimes these things don’t update immediately. I promise you I did just change all the prices, though.

Links as usual are on this page, but I’ll copy them for you here. Because I’m nice like that. And because I know that if I make you do it yourself, you’re less likely to actually click through. It’s psychology. Or something. Anyway.

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I would absolutely love it if you checked it out, and if you do, I hope you enjoy it as much as the people who have already read it seem to have done. Have an awesome week. :)

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