A Few Poetry Announcements

A Few Poetry Announcements

Though I’m still in my mini blogging hiatus, I’ve got a few announcements to make regarding my poetry.

Before we start, this is a reminder that descriptions, reviews and links to where to buy my poetry are all listed on the Books page. :)

E-book editions

A while ago I made all of my collections available on Nook and Kobo, taking them out of KDP Select in the process. Since I did that, I’ve sold a grand total of … one book. One copy of one collection on Kobo, and nothing on Nook. I’ve therefore decided that I’m going to take them down and re-enroll them in KDP Select. I’ve already done this with Broken Body Fragile Heart and will soon be doing it with the others too.

I’m sorry if anybody who owns a Kobo or Nook reader was planning to buy the books, but hey, you had your chance. It’s just easier for me to only sell through one platform, and in future if I release any more collections, it’ll save me the effort of doing the complicated formatting stuff.


Broken Body Fragile Heart is the only one of the three collections available in paperback and until now, that’s required buying it directly from Blurb, the print-on-demand service I used to create it. While that kept the list price down, ensuring that you guys paid as little as possible while I still got royalties (cutting out the middleman of distribution), the postage was actually super expensive, and in terms of discoverability… well. As above, I sold one book in the entire time it was listed on there.

So I’ve made the decision to enroll it in the distribution options which mean that, hopefully, it’ll be available on Amazon and possibly other online stores. This does mean that the list price will be slightly higher. Instead of £4.49 with a profit of about £2.30 for me or something lovely like that, it’s £5.99 with a profit of £1.70. However, for you guys it’ll probably actually work out cheaper, because of postage, and there was no point getting higher profit if I wasn’t selling any books.

I hope you understand why I made that decision and I’m sorry I couldn’t keep that price lower — print books have overhead costs and everything, which as always sad, and is the main reason I haven’t made the other two collections available. They’re shorter, and I don’t think I’d be able to sell them at a price that would seem fair to anybody when the overheads are factored in.

It’ll take a while for the distribution to trickle through, but as soon as I have links, I’ll let you know.

Future publications

At the moment I have no immediate plans to release any more poetry collections, simply because I haven’t written enough poetry. I’ve been in something of a poetic slump for the last few months and while I’ve written a number of poems that I think are decent, they don’t fit any sort of theme, and can’t easily be collected together. But I think that’s okay; it’s better to wait, and see if I one day have the material for another collection, than to release something substandard just for the sake of it.

Aaaaand I think that’s everything. To sum up: I’m selling my soul to Amazon and allowing them sole custody of the digital editions of my books as well as hopefully listing my print book there as well, because I think if I’m exclusive to them they might be nice and put my books somewhere readers might actually find them.

Okay. Back to work now. Farewell.

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