Buy One Poetry Collection, Get One Free

Buy One Poetry Collection, Get One Free

I feel like it’s now been long enough since I published my poetry collections that most people forget they exist.

That’s fair enough. I regularly forget that they exist, too. In the months after I first released Crossroads Poetry, I remember checking KDP every day to see if I’d sold another one, and being disappointed when a week or a month passed and I hadn’t, but those days are long gone. Honestly, I’m not sure I sold any last year at all, even between the three collections. If I did, it wouldn’t have been more than one. It’s been nearly three years (Crossroads Poetry was released on my 18th birthday, and I turn 21 at the end of next week), and poetry’s not really a popular genre, so that’s understandable.

However, I thought it was a bit sad. I know I’ve neglected poetry in recent months. I wrote hardly any poems in 2016, which I’m going to blame squarely on depression, and I did very little to try and pursue it as either a hobby or a career path. Which is a shame, because I actually haven’t been entirely unsuccessful with the whole poetry thing. I had a poem published in The Dawntreader, a quarterly poetry magazine, and in a couple of issues of Cambridge Notes. The handful of reviews I have recieved on Amazon and Goodreads for my collections have been very positive.

Take this one:

I write poetry, I read poetry, and I have have honestly never seen poetry like this. Miriam Joy paints such vivid pictures with her words, such powerful stories and dark profound feelings… It’s just amazing. This is one poetry collection I’ll be coming back to again and again.

Look at that! That’s a great review!

I mean, I’m not the bragging type, but I kind of want to stick this on the wall of my room so that I can look at it whenever I convince myself that my life / writing is going nowhere. Because I did a thing, and some people actually liked it, even if there weren’t very many of them and most of them already knew me from the internet and so on.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been digging out the poems I’ve written over the last three years and going through them to decide which ones are any good, and I’m entering them into competitions. I say this every year and never follow through on it — I think it’s my equivalent of going to the gym in January and never again — but I’ve already entered two. One had free entry and a very small prize; the other had an entry fee but a subtantial prize that would make it all worth it if I thought I had a hope, which I don’t.

(Yes, I’m a pessimist. It makes entering competitions a serious exercise in willpower. I have to force myself to believe it’s worth the effort and the entry fee, although I’ve never won one, so maybe that hope is misplaced.)

And in this spirit of resurrecting what small career I carved out for myself as a poet, I decided to do a little bit of promotion of my existing collections.

Broken Body Fragile Heart, my third and longest collection and the one that was the most difficult to write, but which I’m mostly extremely proud of even two and a half years down the line, is now £2.25 on Kindle, or will be when Amazon finishes updating the price. I’ve reduced the price globally, but I don’t know how big the difference is in different currencies. But anyway, it now costs less than it did, which was more than I thought it was in some countries and less in others because I haven’t checked my pricing in literally months.

Crossroads Poetry and Fleeting Ink are still £2, because I can’t reduce the price without falling off the 70% royalties bracket on Amazon, sadly.

BUT, and this is the exciting part, if you buy either Broken Body Fragile Heart or Crossroads Poetry and send me a screenshot using Twitter or Facebook or or an owl or something, I’ll send you a copy of Fleeting Ink for free. Why Fleeting Ink? Well, mostly because it got a bit neglected compared to my other collections and I feel it needs more help to get out into the world, and also because it’s not as pretty, which I think might be why fewer people bought it.

If you really want to, you can buy Broken Body Fragile Heart as a paperback (available all over the place, e.g. Book Depository, Wordery etc, as well as Amazon) and the same will still apply, but since Fleeting Ink is only available as an eBook, this will still require that you have a device to read it on.

All of this is going to require me to dig through much-neglected poetry folders on my hard drive to find the nicely-formatted ebook files of it, which I know are somewhere, so there might be a slight delay before I can get to you. On the plus side, I think I have it formatted for Nook and Kobo as well as Kindle (back when I tried publishing on those platforms) so I can provide those if needed. It shouldn’t take me more than a day or so to respond and hey, it’ll mean I actually check my blog email address for once.

This offer is valid until the 22nd (my birthday) at the very least, but to be honest, I’ll probably keep it going longer because I’m just that nice.

So! Buy one, get one free, and at a reduced price in the first place. What more could you want?

Broken Body Fragile Heart on Amazon — BBFH on Goodreads

Crossroads Poetry on Amazon   Crossroads Poetry on Goodreads

Fleeting Ink on Amazon Fleeting Ink on Goodreads

EDIT: I forgot to mention that if you’re not sure about these collections or want to know more about my style before you commit, there are some Sample Poems available for you to read to get an idea of them. Enjoy!

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