Back Online

Back Online

Cornwall turned out to have very little internet. It also lasted a day longer than I expected, due to a detour to visit family friends that my parents managed to forget to tell me about. I’m finally home, though, after a very long stationary tailback on the M25 that left us all sweltering (our car doesn’t have working air-con anymore), and reacquainting myself with the world of functioning WiFi.

Pictures will follow, including the disappointing results of spending a really long time trying to get a decent picture of me doing Irish danec on the beach. My six years away from classes have left me with a reduced ability to stay in the air long enough to catch on camera, if I ever could. I posted one on my dance blog, but I’m hoping there’s a better one on my dad’s fancy camera when I finally get hold of it.

On that note, my first class was pretty successful, and not as stressful as I feared. The gender thing didn’t come up, so I guess they just assumed I was a girl called Finn. However, the teacher’s having a baby in September and won’t be running many classes, so I’ve reached out to another school and am taking my first class with them tomorrow. I accidentally signed one of my emails as Miriam because I was hastily replying to them while using Sainsbury’s WiFi and got distracted, so I guess the gender cat is out of the bag with them. Sigh. One day I’ll figure out how to handle this whole thing, but I’ve been out for such a short time considering how long I spent closeted that I’m still learning how to talk about it.

As for dance, I want to talk about it more here. It’s been important for me in terms of personal motivation and goals, but it has a whole lot of risks and limitations too due to my health. Plus I’ve been reading up on the history of Irish dance and I’ve learned a bunch of fascinating things, some of them only peripherally related to dance. If anyone’s interested, I might write a few posts about that. I’ve sort of got out of the habit of blogging — I don’t know what interests you anymore.

The appearance of my stick in a fair few holiday pictures illustrates exactly why dance is a questionable life choice for me.

In the meantime, I’m trying to catch up on all the things I haven’t been able to do without internet, some of which are more urgent than others.

I’m trawling through my emails. I read and deleted tons over the past couple of hours and there are still 142 unread emails in my inbox and that’s only one of several email addresses. I’ve been letting them build up, but I want to get them sorted before I go away again next week. If you’ve been trying to get hold of me or if you asked me ages ago to do something and I never did it, I’m sorry. It’s probably still hiding at the bottom of my inbox.

I’m preparing to go to Ireland next Tuesday. I’m there for sixteen days; it’s the first time I’ve been on holiday entirely by myself, and also one of the longest trips I’ve ever taken, since most of our family holidays are only a week. I still need to order a nex suitcase. I haven’t booked my accommodation for the two nights I’ll be in Donegal after my course ends. I need to get some euros, but I was sort of hoping the exchange rate would improve. (I doubt it’s going to.)

I should probably get started on learning modern Irish as well, so that I don’t turn up a complete novice. I’d planned to start at the beginning of the month, but without WiFi for the past week, I couldn’t access Duolingo, my main way of tackling it. So. That hasn’t happened.

I’m also horrifically behind with book reviews, but I don’t think I can fix that before I go to Ireland. I might try and write up a few for books I’ve already read, if I haven’t left it so long I’ve forgotten everything, but since I’m limited on luggage when I go I’ll be taking my Kindle and maybe I’ll catch up on ARCs while I’m there. I don’t know how much time I’ll have for reading, but I was pretty busy this week and still found that my five books were woefully inadequate for the holiday’s length — especially when it turned out I’d read one of them before, though it clearly wasn’t very memorable.

Over the next few days I’m going to blog more, some of it immediate and some of it scheduled for while I’m away to keep things ticking over. If anyone has any questions or things they want me to talk about, I’d be delighted to hear them. Like I said, I’ve sort of lost track of what to write on here. I’ve even debated stopping blogging, although I think I like the sound of my own voice too much to do that. But I need to know what to write, and my brain’s been too tired to come up with that kind of thing by myself.

I might even get another YouTube video up. But that’s probably pushing it, because I’m useless at vlogging.

So. Hello, reliable internet connection. I’ve missed you. Let’s get started on this.

The first time I’ve worn a wetsuit since I was 13. Not the same wetsuit.

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