Sample Poems

Sample Poems

For those who’ve seen that I’ve got poetry available but are unsure whether they want to give their money to me without a sample of my writing to see if it’s worth it, I’ve put together a handful of sample poems that you might enjoy. They’re linked below as PDFs with a quick description of which collection they come from, when they were written, etc. If you enjoy them, why not check out the collection itself?


This comes from my third collection, ‘Broken Body Fragile Heart’, and was written in August 2014. It comes from near the beginning of the collection.

My Own Undoing

This comes from about the middle of ‘Broken Body Fragile Heart’ and was also written in August 2014. In many ways, its tone is similar to that of the poems from ‘Crossroads Poetry’.


As you may be able to tell, this poem comes from ‘Fleeting Ink‘ and it’s actually one of the oldest I’ve written, although it’s been slightly edited for publication. I originally wrote it in my journal in 2012, and it was posted on deviantART at the time, though I think I took it down later. (I may be wrong. Perhaps the unedited version is still up there.) When I came to compile the collection it made sense to include it, because of its theme of writing and the power of words.

Fleeting Ink

I’m sure you’ll be absolutely astonished to know that this comes from ‘Fleeting Ink‘… It’s actually the first poem from the collection, and I named the collection after the poem rather than the other way around. I wrote this in early 2013 when I was struggling after being a little too outspoken with my opinions, which had earned me some enemies.

Tales Of A Changeling

This is the oldest poem that I’ve ever published. It comes from ‘Crossroads Poetry‘, but I actually wrote it in 2010. It’s a slightly odd origin story — I was sitting in a Biology lesson, bored, and we were talking about drowning. I wrote something on my hand about it, because that’s something I did back then, and later when looking at the juxtaposition of words on my hand I connected them in a different order, somehow got something about fairies from it, and this happened.

My Lady Reaper

Well, this one’s an odd one. It’s from ‘Crossroads Poetry‘, and it was based on an earlier poem that I wrote in around 2012. There were some lines in the first poem that stood out for me, but on the whole the poem was weak. I rewrote it, and this was the result.

I hope these samples encourage you to check out the rest of my poetry!

“One thing more, one small doubt — there are treacherous people about. No offense, please reflect — your intentions may not be … correct.” Or, in case you didn’t get the gist from that Les Mis quote, please remember that these are my property and are copyrighted. Don’t reproduce them, pass them off as your own work, or sell them. Not that I think you would, but it serves to cover one’s bases.

15 thoughts on “Sample Poems

  1. Your poetry is incredible! Unfortunately, I can`t buy it at the moment, but as soon as I can adult, I`m going to get them and attack with a highlighter! Seriously, you`re so talented, and from such a young age as well! You should be proud of yourself!

    1. Ha, thanks. I’m not sure how my age has to do with my poetry (I wrote a lot of really awful cringey teenage poetry and it was only after I got past that stage that I started writing anything decent), but I appreciate knowing that someone likes it anyway.

        1. I published the first collection on my eighteenth birthday, so I guess I was still technically a teenager, but not. super young one. (And yeah, I think we all do it. It’s a painfully awkward part of life, haha.)

          1. It’s probably because of how the original is formatted. You’d need to do shift+enter between each line and then the main breaks would show up as full line breaks. Alternatively you could screenshot the PDF and share it as an image, which might maintain the formatting better. :)

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