Dia daoibh! You’ve reached the website of Finn Longman, an author and medievalist currently based in Cambridge.

If you’re looking for my official bio and headshots, please check out my press pack, here.

I write a mixture of YA and Adult novels, and have been know to describe myself as ‘genrequeer’ due to my refusal to stay in any one category. My debut novel, The Butterfly Assassin, is a YA thriller about a traumatised teenage assassin trying (and failing) to live an ordinary life, and was published in May 2022 by Simon & Schuster UK. The sequel The Hummingbird Killer was published in May 2023, and the third book, Moth to a Flame, is coming in May 2024. All details and links are available on the ‘Books’ page. I’m represented by Jessica Hare of The Agency (London) Limited.

I’m currently a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, researching friendship in the late Ulster Cycle. I have an MA in Early and Medieval Irish from University College Cork, and an undergraduate degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from Cambridge. I’ve published a number of peer-reviewed articles, as well as doing more public-facing research in the form of YouTube videos, podcast episodes, blog posts, and weird nonsense on social media. You can find out more about my academic research and publications on the ‘Research’ page.

Outside of academia, I have worked in academic, school, public, and community libraries, and I had a brief but fabulous stint as a bookseller for Waterstones, so it’s pretty much been books all the way down for most of my adult life.

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