Hello! I’m Finn Longman, formerly known as Miriam Joy, and this is my main blog where I talk about anything and everything — but mostly writing, disability, books, and life. I have a dedicated book blog full of reviews over at Miriam Joy Reads, and I also make videos about medieval Irish literature.

About Me

I am:

  • a writer, booknerd, Irish dancer, folk musician, and full-time procrastinator
  • agender (they/them pronouns please; my coming out post is here)
  • queer (I mostly consider myself ace/aro these days)
  • disabled / chronically ill (I have hypermobility syndrome, coeliac disease, anxiety and depression, as well as all the chronic pain and fatigue that goes along with these)
  • based in SE London
  • very bad at sticking to a regular blogging schedule

I have:

  • a degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic from the University of Cambridge (expect strong opinions about medieval stuff)
  • worked in public, community and school libraries, as well as in a bookshop
  • self-published three poetry collections (but I plan to pursue traditional publishing with my novels)
  • co-authored a YA mystery novel set in a boarding school, St Mallory’s Forever, with Saffina Desforges and Charley Robson (now out of print)
  • appeared in poetry magazines such as The Dawntreader and Cambridge Notes

I like:

  • books
  • swords
  • folk music
  • small, fluffy animals, especially guinea pigs and cats
  • choreography and storytelling through dance

Other places you can find me:

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For further information about me, the following posts might provide a decent introduction (but I don’t remember when I last updated this list, so who knows if any of these are even still true):

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