Dia daoibh! I’m Finn Longman, a writer, queer librarian, competitive Irish dancer, and stay-at-home medievalist (among other things). Welcome to my blog, where you can expect to hear my thoughts on all manner of things, including books, medieval literature, writing, dance, and gender. With luck, this will also be the place to hear updates about my own work and any future publications…

I’m a queer, disabled, nonbinary person currently living in Cork (Ireland), although I originally hail from London. My pronouns are they/them. I have a BA in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic and I’m now doing an MA in Early & Medieval Irish, after spending a year as a trainee librarian and a year before that as an under-employed new graduate with a handful of different temporary jobs… You may have come across my YouTube channel, where I retell medieval Irish stories for a general audience (or you may not!).

I write a mixture of YA and Adult novels, many of them speculative although few falling neatly into the categories of ‘fantasy’ or ‘science-fiction’. (I’ve been known to describe myself as ‘genrequeer’.) I’m represented by Jessica Hare from The Agency (London) Limited.

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Although this blog has technically existed since 2010, I recently wiped the archive and started again, so if you followed a dead link to get here and are wondering what happened to X post or Y page, here’s why.