04/10, Ĉano (TBA Readalong)

The reason I’m able to map specific chapters onto specific days (hi, by the way! We’re reading The Butterfly Assassin in real time; jump to 17/09, Eraro to start from the beginning) is because I have a calendar drawn up in the same document where I keep Isabel’s school timetable. It’s very useful: it tells me the date and the day of the week, and which chapters are covered and the approximate outline of what happens in them.

The box for Thursday 4th October, however, says only: “Chapter 18: Isabel has a shitty day.”

Thursday. 4. Chapter 18: Isabel has a shitty day.

Thanks, past me. Real helpful. That could describe roughly 90% of this book.

In this case, though, it covers a whole three paragraphs, of which one is only a single line, describing the pain and brain fog that Isabel is experiencing and her resolution not to put herself back in her father’s power.

And that’s it. Nothing to say about that one. Had to acknowledge it, by virtue of the chronological format, but otherwise, you’re off the hook until tomorrow. Hooray! (I mean, I’m terribly sorry, I’m sure you’re deeply invested in getting hundreds of words to read every day…)

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