The Crawley Irish Festival

The Crawley Irish Festival

First of all, what you’ve all been waiting for–the feis results. Okay, then, here you go:

Primary Reel – 2nd
Primary Light Jig – 1st
Primary Slip Jig – 1st
Primary Hop Jig – 2nd
Primary Heavy Jig – 1st
Primary Hornpipe – 1st

Trophy Reel – 3rd
Treble Reel – 2nd

Ha ha, seems good, doesn’t it? But look more carefully. You see, all of them except the Trophy Reel were only out of 2 people (although for the Treble Reel, the other dancer was admittedly a National Champion, and there’s me at my first feis aside from the class feis!). So I won’t be moving up from these dances, but it was a lot of fun and I got six medals plus two trophies. Oh, and the girl who was in the Trophy Reel that wasn’t with me in any of the others was actually an Intermediate dancer, but there was some confusion. So there.

Okay, so here’s my view on the festival.

We arrived at about ten past eleven, even though we left twenty minutes later than intended because my dear companion, Alison, was not ready. (But then again, she IS French!). Alas, the doors didn’t open until half past, so we waited in the car due to a high, cold wind that had swept up. Once we eventually entered we made our way over to the dance stage and registered, picking up my competitor number, worked out which dances I would dance and had a little look around.

The actual festival didn’t start until twelve so we waited in the Emerald Club, which was probably the warmest place. I thought it was supposed to be August here, but it was blooming freezing! I used the loos, which later in the day were closed and we had to use portaloos :/

We watched a few musicians for a bit and the dance competition started a little before half past twelve. Lining up by the stage we found that the U12 and the 13-and-over competitions both only had one person (guess which was me, and the other was a young lady named Abigail), so they had to combine them. That made two of us. Ah, well, it meant we either came first or second and we had some nice conversations.

While I was dancing I couldn’t go off and eat so I was getting rather hungry by the time they got to our results (I was a little disappointed to find that we only got medals, not trophies, but never mind.) After that came the Trophy Reel, then the Championships, then the Heavy Reel, or as I call it the Treble Reel. In this I found I was against a fifteen year old called Shauna who apparently won the Open Championships at some national competition or something. Bully for her. I also managed to fall over — the floor was very slippery, and my hard shoes were sliding all over the place, not helped by a little lump on stage which I tripped over and landed on my bottom! They let me dance again, but of course I was never going to win.

After that I got some food, changed back into my tracksuit bottoms, and we walked around in the pouring rain. My parents and Alison took shelter in the Emerald Club but I wandered over to watch the céilí, then we watched the Andromeda Edmunds School do a performance, which was very good. After watching ‘The London Lasses’ for a bit we decided to come home (although Mum had left earlier) and retreated to the car for the journey home.


  • Stamping loudly (apparently I was the loudest!) actually does help. I messed up the hornpipe completely but still got first
  • Put tape on your shoes, it’s useful
  • Rain doesn’t have to spoil a festival, but it usually does
  • Trophies are shiny! =)

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