The Doctor, Christmas, And Revision

The Doctor, Christmas, And Revision

First of all, the Doctor. Well, what can I say? I’m sure there are some people out there that couldn’t tell me three facts about the Doctor off the top of their head, and there are also probably people who are sitting there going, “Is she ill? Why is she telling us about the doctor?” But I’m not. At least, I’m not telling you about the doctor. I’m telling you about the Doctor. Yes, there is a difference.

However, these knowledge-less innocents aren’t the sort of people that are likely to be reading this, so I’ll move on quickly. No point talking about that sort of thing, is there? Preaching to the converted and all that. Let’s get to the point.

Firstly, I watched ten episodes of Doctor Who last week, over three different days. It was pretty good fun. That was Series 3, and the first time I’d actually seen it. So I’ve now been acquainted properly with Captain Jack, also known as the face of Boe; I’ve seen the Doctor become human and fail spectacularly; I’ve seen a hospital end up on the moon … and of course, I’ve watched the Doctor end up in a cage because of the Master’s evil plans.

Which may I just say was very upsetting. To see so great a man reduced to a wrinkled old thing in a bird cage was, well, tragic.

And then there were the human brains used to make those spheres of the Master’s. No, I can’t remember what they’re called. Tochlafein or something. But anyway, the real “Oh my gosh, hand-over-mouth, tears-in-eyes” moment for me was when Martha managed to open one of those things and it said to her, “The skies are made of diamonds.” Now you might not have seen this episode so I’ll go no further. But if you have, you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, that was last week. Me and the Doctor, and sometimes my friend Caitlin. Good times. You know what? That’s twice in the last five blog posts she’s been mentioned – she should feel loved. Well, she is loved, namely for the large boxes of tictacs she gave me as a Christmas present that I’ve already eaten most of.

(You won’t shoot me for the appalling grammar in this post, will you? I’m tired.)

Then today I watched another episode of Doctor Who, the Christmas special from a couple of years ago. That was fun.

But moving on. What did I do then? I discovered this ‘Charlie’ guy, from the YouTube channel ‘CharlieIsSoCoolLike’. I watched another guy make fun of Twilight, and laughed at how true it was. I wasted lots of time – time that was precious, since I didn’t wake up until midday. But hey ho, I need to get on with this.

It’s almost Christmas. You’ve noticed, haven’t you? Unfortunately this holiday is blighted by one horrible, horrible thing: revision. For you see, I belong to that unfortunate class of people who are at school. And the thing is, they give us exams all the time. It’s these new style GCSEs with their controlled assessments taking over our lives – meaning, to my distress, that I’m revising during this holiday for Science modules which are something like 35% of the final grade. Eek! What’s more, Science isn’t exactly my strong point …

So hooray, fun Christmas holidays for me. Tell me, is anyone else going through this pain right now? If so, I’d like to hear from you. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to relax in front of Doctor Who (yes, I hold that particular television programme entirely responsible for my lowered grades in Biology last week), tell me what episode you’re watching :)

By the way, those writing exercises … yeah, I never did get around to them. Maybe as my New Year’s Resolution? Wait, no – that’s editing.

2 thoughts on “The Doctor, Christmas, And Revision

  1. I taped this year’s Xmas special because my cousins are too young to watch it, so I’ll be attacking that later today. Aside from that, all I can say is that I thoroughly approve of your choice of TV show, haw haw! Whovians forever! :D

    Ah, revision. Thankfully all I have this term is extra Maths tutoring to raise my predicted grade from C to B in time for the summer – don’t worry about the Science though, trust me, they aren’t that bad. And this is coming from the girl who managed to set the ceiling on fire and got past that same class with an A* ;)

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