Who, What, Why?

Who, What, Why?

It’s never seemed very relevant because most of the people that read this blog either know me in real life or from the internet, so they know what I’m talking about. But what if you don’t? I’ve realised that I’m always going on about editing and reading and how full my life is – and to people who are new here, that’s not very helpful. You don’t know what I’m editing. You don’t know why my life is full. Heck, you know nothing about me.

So I thought I’d remedy this, one post at all. I’m starting with telling you about my editing. This is what I’m doing.

I’m currently editing a ‘novel’ that I wrote last year. I started writing it in January, but put it away at the end of the month and completely forgot about it. When, in April, I dug out the four and a half chapters that I’d written, I had forgotten the plot I’d had in mind, and I also didn’t know how to make anything fit into the title. However, I had new ideas, new writing style, and old characters. It was time to carry on.

In April and May I worked on the novel. Though I didn’t set myself a date and a wordcount as I normally do, I wrote it pretty fast. I’m not a slow writer; that doesn’t work for me. I just have to get it all down on paper. So, by the time I’d finished I had written around 86,000 words and it was the longest book I’d ever written. So far, so good.

I did a bit of half-hearted editing towards the end of August and a wee bit more in October, while waiting for NaNo, but I didn’t get on with it and I hadn’t quite grasped the idea of editing back then, either. I was always adding words in. I realise now that I should have been cutting them out! So come the end of December, almost a year after I started writing the book, and I hadn’t edited any of it properly.

For the last month or so I’ve been trying to edit this, and I’ve done about 90 of the 135 pages. It’s now 82,900 words. Yes, I cut out quite a few. This is with adding in several scenes and deleting none. But what is this book about? That’s what you’re wondering, I expect, and I’m not sure how easy it will be for me to describe it. I guess I’m pretty timid about sharing the plots and stuff, since I’ve not had all that much critique on them. But I’ll share here the blurb that’s in my head:

Jennie has always known that she’s a little bit different, especially after her recent dreams. But she didn’t know that she wasn’t the only one with a few secrets in her school.
Alex has been following Jennie for a long time now, and the fact that he’s condemned to love her has nothing to do with his current feelings.
Leah knows that her father is wrong, and she also knows that disobeying him is a bad idea. But Alex is one of her only friends – she can’t just abandon him, can she?
Cormac is a turncoat. He didn’t mean for this to happen. He’s always hated Alex, and now he’s fighting on his side.
Alys and Mel were both dragged into this, but once they’re there they find out they’re linked to this, more than they could ever have imagined.

And there are two things binding them all together: death, and fairies.

This current novel, ‘Watching’, is to be the first in a trilogy. The second will (probably) be called ‘Listening’ and the third ‘Feeling’ – although nothing is decided yet. So. Let me know what you think of my blurb, though remember that’s the first time I’ve put it down on paper and it needs some work!

I hope that’s made everything clearer for everyone who was a bit confused …

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