Writing In A Public Place

Writing In A Public Place

I’ve heard it said that you shouldn’t write in a public place – ever. While I don’t agree with that, I can understand it.

I don’t agree because I spend every lunchtime and about twenty minutes before school sitting in my school library, writing. But there are some people there that just … well, they’ve never heard the words ‘None of your business’.

There are several types of people.

  1. You type fast! These people are the ones that turn and stare at me because my fast typing draws their attention to me. I get very irritated with them staring, especially when they make some comment about how I’m not looking at the keys. If they’d only learn to type, that wouldn’t be a problem, would it?
  2. Oh, I wonder what she’s writing … These people look over my shoulder as I’m writing / editing, and that’s what annoys me the most of all. I mean, it’s a first draft, isn’t it? It’s not exactly what I’d be proud to let them see. And stories when they’re not in context are never as good as they would be otherwise.
  3. Let’s stare until she gets irritated. They do that to me, too. Eventually, I’m forced to do what I’m doing right now …  to zoom out on whatever I’m doing until the writing is small enough that I can hardly read it, since that means they can’t read it either. It works better with writing, though – editing can be quite tricky if you can’t read what you’re editing!

I don’t want to seem unsociable or intolerant or any of that stuff. It’s just that I’m sensitive about my work; the only reason I write in a public place is because I don’t have time when I’m at home. It’s the only way I ever get any writing done, and although I’ve perfected the technique of reading text that’s at 15%, it’s not always good for your eyes.

During NaNoWriMo, my forty minutes in the school library where most good websites are blocked was one of the only things that helped me to keep writing. With my schedule, it’s amazing I get anything done.

It does mean that I can’t listen to music – we’re not allowed mp3 players in the library.

Do you write in a public place? If so, what sort of things do you like about it, and what annoys you more than anything?

There I am, breaking my Thursday/Sunday posting rules. I haven’t managed it once yet. You know, it’s probably just easier if you subscribe …

One thought on “Writing In A Public Place

  1. Heh heh, I have trouble enough with that when people come into my room and see me typing or writing. I’m a sensitive soul at the best of times, but my writing is just …. well, I’m probably more sensitive about that than I am about almost anything else :P

    Still, libraries are okay when you can find a quiet corner with a notebook – a lot easier to hide one of those, trust me xD

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