The Art Exam (Part 1)

The Art Exam (Part 1)

I’m currently on my lunch break in the middle of a five hour art exam. It’s very depressing and I was getting pretty stressed. So, I decided to keep a running commentary of whatever was going through my mind right then on a piece of paper I found in my pocket. It turned out pretty odd, so I decided to share it with you :)

Bazinga! I have paper. Outlet for anger and frustration…

I have drawn a line. That is good.

They say the hardest part is getting started. I really hope so.

Dear art work, I don’t hate you because you’re ugly. You’re ugly because I hate you.

I’m a writer. I procrastinate.

*sporks Art*

Soon, I will cry.


I totally did not just cheat and use my pencil case as a ruler.

Okay, so, 45 mins in I have a box. And, er, nothing else … sometimes I love my life.

I need music…

What’s a moet de chandon? She keeps a moet de chandon, in a pretty cabinet. Let them eat cake, she says, just like Marie Antoinette…

Sheesh, I shoulda taken Latin. Then I could be working on Screnzy right now.

Curfew came naturally, because she couldn’t care less.

I love Queen, except when they’re in my head. GAH!

to avoid complications, she never kept the same address. I should do that. Then school couldn’t make me do art exams, and I could just stay home.


Why? Why Queen? Why now?

Hah, been going for an hour now. Four more to go. At least I have objects, even if they’re the wrong proportions. This is gonna be a joke…

I thought I was in love with ballet, but I never want to draw the shoes again. Leastways, not these ‘uns.

It does seem easier now, depressing but easier. I have one object in detail and we’ve been going 80 minutes. Well, half an object. But hey, I have the whole day, right? So what’s the rush?

I have the whole day. Crap.

*shoots self*

Still here. Still holding on. I swear, this running commentary has saved my sanity. It’s like talking to someone, which right now I really want to do. Might just go to the loo and talk to the wall. It might talk back, way I’m feeling…


(I have discovered hula hoops)

Amy is too good at art. And she chose natural objects, which is probably easier than these shoes. I may steal her work.

Being vaguely good at drawing is probably an advantage here. It’s a pity I’m not. (artistically retarded, wouldn’t Spook say?)

You know you’ve been doing too much art when a B pencil is hard.

Why am I now thinking about Captain Jack Harkness? “You know, most people notice when they’ve been teleported…”

Man, Theo’s picture is amazing!

Well, it looks like a ballet shoe now, and we’re two hours in. More like a pointe shoe than a flat shoe, but I did stuff the toes to make it stand up, so I shouldn’t worry too much. I swear the ribbon moved, though.

I think it’s safe to say my mind may have wandered slightly. Wait, scrap that. I think it’s left.

I will always be your mummy …

Less than an hour and a half till lunch!

I mean, who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, this could be more sonic?

I just went to the loo and talked to the wall, then punched it because it didn’t talk back to me. Does this make me mad? 2.5 hours in … half way through …

“Nice to meet you, Mr Spock.” “Mr Spock?” “Well, what was I supposed to say? You don’t have a name.”

After watching the Empty Child and the Doctor Dances yesterday, you’d think I’d have bad dreams. I dreamt my MP3 ran out of battery. :|

Lunch in 53 minutes! I actually can’t wait, lol :) … lunch in 37 mins!

too late, my time has come, sends shivers down my spine, body’s aching all the time, goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go, gotta leave it all behind and face the truth … mama, ooooo, I don’t wanna die, sometimes wish I’d never been born at all…

Why does this angle keep changing? Argh, I wish I’d never heard of art, whish wish (I can’t spell) I was dancing right now.

Need to move.

Argh. 16 minutes till we stop, 21 till lunch. Yay…

7/12 minutes.

I think I’ll stop drawing now. It shouldn’t be too hard to finish it after lunch. I want to go email Ben** about MORT*** and do various things. And eat. I should probably do that at some point, if I remember.

I just forgot to breathe for a while. That was weird.

And there it ends. Stay tuned for Part 2, coming later today!

*It’s still life. We’re drawing a box with objects in.
**Ben is my writing partner for Script Frenzy this year. (Screnzy).
***MORT is what Ben and I are adapting into a musical for Screnzy this year.

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