Writer’s Checklist

Writer’s Checklist

In order to write, I have decided that the following things are necessary:

  1. A chair.
  2. A table.
  3. A computer and/or notebook and pen.
  4. A cup of some liquid that imparts energy (lemonade or coffee, if you’d prefer).
  5. Haribos or boiled sweets (set yourself a ration, or you will end up fat).
  6. A dressing gown.
  7. Pyjamas.
  8. Music.

First, take your pyjamas and dressing gown and put them on. Allow your hair to become tangled and unbrushed, in order to facilitate the early-morning-bleary-imagination feeling.

Second, sit down on your chair and turn on your computer. If you are writing longhand, open your notebook and make sure your pen has ink.

Third, take a few sips of your drink (lemonade for me). Do not drink more than a quarter of the liquid.

Fourth, eat half of your haribos or boiled sweets. This will ensure you have a small amount of energy before your start. Eat the others as necessary during the writing process.

Fifth, open whatever program you use to write and have your document open on the screen at the point where you left off.

Sixth, open a music player such as Spotify, Windows Media Player or a music player that you have docked in your room. Find a playlist of inspiring music – personally, I go for film music for writing as it’s epic, but it stays in the background. However, you may have personal preferences.

Seventh, take another sip of your drink to strengthen you and begin writing.

Note – The following steps will not help you unless you stop reading this blog and go and write immediately. However, if you’re worried about missing something … well, now, you could subscribe, couldn’t you? Doesn’t cost you a penny and leaves you more time to write.

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