Me On Camera

Me On Camera

Okay, I look terrible in this video. You can’t edit videos when you record them straight from a webcam, and that’s the only way I can do this! The webcam screws up halfway through and I say ‘writter’ instead of ‘writer’ (I don’t know what happened there), and I was so fed up by then I couldn’t bear the thought of doing it again!

But please support my new idea, of reading my work out loud in a video …

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Me On Camera

    1. Really? Lol. I just re-did the video because I accidentally deleted it! Watch this space for better version … or worse, depending on which way you look at it :)

    1. Thanks! And thanks for dropping in :) After the “The Poor Bastard Never Saw It Coming Contest” is over, I was thinking I could maybe read that, whatever the outcome was ;)

    1. Really? I hate my voice. But I guess that’s because I’m used to hearing it how it sounds to me and so hearing it on camera is mega-weird, but other people don’t have that.

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