Save the Library!

Save the Library!

I love libraries. Where I live, in Bexley, the libraries are actually really nice. It’s one of the few advantages of having to live here – we have good libraries, with squidgy chairs and lots of books. It does mean that when I see other libraries, I’m rather unimpressed.

However. Cuts. We all know about them, right? The government has decided that because they can’t work out how to spend out money in good ways, they’re going to not give us any money. Which means that the libraries will shut, and I won’t be able to get my weekly fix of lots of books.

Soo … I’m trying to single-handedly save my local library. Well, I’m actually going because I can’t live without the books, but I console myself to this addiction by saying that by borrowing a lot of books I’m proving that Sidcup Library should be shut.

Normally, I go on a Friday on my way home from school and borrow 7 books. Last week, I didn’t go on Friday because I was waiting for my books to come into the library. So, I went there on Monday instead, and borrowed 9 books to make up for it. Yesterday (Thursday) I went to the library again, returned four of the books (I couldn’t find one and I’m not sure what happened to the other) and borrowed six more.

This means (if I can count) that I currently have ten books on loan from the library, and one from my school library. I do love the fact that they let us borrow up to twelve at a time … I’m just too busy to go more often! Ha ha :)

Anyway, I love libraries. Do you love libraries? Well, then, show them some love! Go borrow lots of books! Admittedly I tend to borrow children’s books or teens’ books, but not because they’re quicker to read. In fact, they’re normally enormous and it takes a lot of strength to bring them all the way home again. I just borrow them because when I lose them and spend a month looking for them to take back, I don’t get fined.

When did you last go to a library? Do you get fined a lot for returning books late? And if you don’t like libraries, why? Let me know! :)

Here’s an idea. The next four people to comment will be publicly humiliated thanked in my next post – by name! And if I’m prepared to do that for just a comment, what do you think I’d do for subscribing? Only you can find out…

4 thoughts on “Save the Library!

  1. Ooh goodie! I love comment bribes! :) and my name *is* margarita.
    I last went to a library on Tuesday, and I’m going again tomorrow. I go every Tuesday, and have about 10 books checked out at any given time. I’m fined maybe three times a year… and I LOVE libraries! personally i think that was a better idea than the gas-powerd motor. I hope your library is saved! :)

    1. Ha ha, thank you! Three times a year, that’s impressive … I’m forever going over due. Hence the children’s books (to prevent said fining). I hope my library is saved too!

    1. That really doesn’t sound fair, no. I don’t know how I’d live without a library! I feel sorry for you. Do they rent e-books? Perhaps you could borrow them from the website and read them on your computer, as I sometimes do. That way you still get to read stuff without paying.

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