Resurrection on Easter Sunday

Resurrection on Easter Sunday

So I don’t even know what day of the week I blog any more. Wasn’t it meant to be Thursdays and Sundays? I can’t remember. But today’s Sunday – Easter, in fact! Hooray! – so if it was, there we go. If it wasn’t, bite me. You get a blog post. (Which reminds me, I need to make another video … ha ha).

So. Before I abuse the rules of parenthesis any more, I’m going to move on. I’m going to talk about me being committed and good to some old stories! Yes, that’s right. I’ve finally done a good turn (I just wrote tern. Fail) when it comes to writing. Well, I say a good turn. I was supposed to be working on my script for Script Frenzy, as I’m being incredibly slow and I could have hit the target about a fortnight ago if I’d been concentrating, but I’ve been very bad. However, I promise that tomorrow I will write lots and lots, and that way it will all be okay.

Today, I was trying to resurrect some old stories I’ve abandoned on Protagonize. This involved going through the ‘My Works’ page and finding ones that could be brought to life. After all, when better to do it than Easter? After all, we’re celebrating somebody coming back to life, right? (Well, I am. Don’t know about you. You might just be in it for the chocolate)

Here is a list of the stories I have recently posted in, and a link to any chapters I posted today.

A Deadly Team“And Another Few Months Later…” (bit of an in-joke, I’m afraid.)
Time Travel Makes Murder Complicated “Parental Concern” (wow, it’s a long time since I wrote this!)
Bright Eyes“A Walk To What?” ; “Shattered Hopes” *
Words (not sure what I was doing here, but there we go.)

*apologies that this chapter is not linked; however, it can be found reasonably easily by pressing ‘next chapter’ from the previous one! Every time I try and link it, WordPress fails. So. Sorry!

You may wish to read the entire story, as recent chapters will make no sense otherwise. However, you may not, so there we go. Time Travel is a short story so far. A Deadly Team you probably won’t get, but if you’d like to look at it feel free!

Thank you, and Happy Easter!

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