Because I don’t talk about books enough.

Because I don’t talk about books enough.

I was spoilt for choice as to what to write about today, actually. I couldn’t decide. But after considering several juicy topics I settled on this one, and you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about Script Frenzy’s conclusion. After all, I haven’t actually finished yet.

Today, I reorganised my bookshelves. I have a lot of books. I hadn’t quite realised before how many books I had as I’ve become a master at fitting them into reasonably small spaces, but I have now concluded that perhaps I have too many books. This was very obviously when they were in piles on my floor. Unfortunately, I’m unwilling to get rid of any of them.

Here are some photos of the great book reorganisation…(if I had a decent camera I would’ve made a video of this, but unfortunately it’s pretty much impossible with a webcam).

Now, I was gonna do something fancy where I put writing in amongst the photos and that, but technology won’t agree with me and we’re having a bit of an argument. So, I couldn’t. Basically it messed up my formatting the whole time. The formatting is still messed up, but I’m sure you can forgive me, right?

I felt I didn’t talk about books often enough. So we are. Enjoy it. Sorry about the formatting. It’s not cooperating…

Okay. Those five (or six) shelves are where I have to fit my books. All of them. Well, not quite, I squeezed the others into another midget shelf when I ran out of room. But pretty much all of them. Remember that. Then scroll down, and see what I mean by “all my books”….

These are the two empty shelves of my bookshelf (the rest has other stuff on), although they're rather cluttered too!
A Shelf
I know this is just a shelf. But remember it. Then you'll see onto what I have to fit all of my books!

Shelf in cupboardThis is the shelf in my cupboard. You can fit two rows of books into it, depthwise, so I guess it’s two shelves really.

Shelf 2
This is my second shelf, the one above my bed.
This is my books, all stacked up. I have a feeling there was another stack on the end that I hadn't finished for this photograph, but I may be wrong. I find it hard to believe that those books all belong to me. In fact, one stack is solely comprised of books given to me today by my parents, who didn't want them any more. So...
On the floor
This sums up how it felt ... floor covered in books I liked, books I didn't like, books I hadn't read ... and still six stacks to go! *sigh* I was trying to group them by author, but there were too many different authors.
I'm totally overwhelmed by the number of books on the floor. And this is just the non-fragile book ... i.e the kids' books. All the adult books and classics are handmedowns and aren't nearly so colourful...
And now for some slightly more highbrow books ... used here to mean "books I like to pretend I've read" and/or "books my parents just gave me" and/or "books I like to show off by saying I've read" and/or "old books"
Highbrow pt 2
The other half of my highbrow shelf. Not quite alphabetical order as the last book was too large to fit in its proper place. It's pretending to be a bookend.

12 thoughts on “Because I don’t talk about books enough.

  1. Ahaha, I feel your pain. I’ll have to take some piccies of my bookshelf back home sometime. Dozens of books, and only one piddly little bookshelf that I’ve had since birth to put them all in.
    Most of them are too tall to fit in the shelves too xD

    Still, I’m impressed by the extent of your collection! And I can see several books I like in there too *grins*
    Hehehe, bookworms FTW! xD

    1. Too many books! Lol :) Yeah, do you like my highbrow book collection? Notice my tallest pile was Eoin Colfer by the way, that’s rather embarrassing. Ha ha. On my highbrow shelf I have… I was going to write you a list, but it would take too long, and after I spent an hour writing this blog post…(!!!)

  2. ha Ha my highest pile would be Anne McCaffery especially after my aunt sent me her collection. I’ve got doubles of some. I’ve got two boxed sets of Narnia, and a whole bunch of Series.. I wish I could take a picture of what my book selves looked like, But I haven’t unpacked all of my books and most of our shelves (scattered about the house) are packed… I also made the mistake of leaving one or two behind when we moved a cross the country *frown*.

    :] Elorithryn

    1. That’s a shame. I have an almost-set of Narnia (although the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe doesn’t match the others), and an absolutely ancient box set of Lord of the Rings, but neither of them live in my room so are not featured in this post! :)

    1. Thanks for reading! I stack all my books horizontally, and then slot others into the gaps in between. The only shelves that have vertical books all the way along are my ‘favourite books’ shelf above my bed and my ‘highbrow books’ shelf, since they’re not strong enough to support horizontal books :) My dream is to one day have a ‘library’ – lots of shelves where they’re ALL vertical and in alphabetical order!

  3. This couls be me. Seriously! I have one huge bookshelf that’s about 2m high and about 1m wide. And I can’t seem to fit them all in even though I got quite creative at arranging them. The one I am particularly proud of is about 100 years old <3.

    1. Really? We found a book that was from 1848. No, 1858. I’m not sure. 18-something-8, anyway. It’s a copy of Jane Eyre … rather ancient, all the writing has worn off the cover, but I’m sure it’s worth a few bob anyway if we could be bothered to sell it. That’s probably the oldest book we own (it’s not mine), but I do have a 1930s edition of Les Miserables which is on my highbrow shelf :)

    1. I’ve never read them, that’s why. These books are representative of my reading material from age 10-14 … from 15 onwards I’ve been raiding the library regularly! :)

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