125 Pages And We’re Moving On…

125 Pages And We’re Moving On…

Script Frenzy this year is over – although the script is not yet complete. I managed, in this month of mind-blowing script-ness, to write 125 pages. I probably could have written more. It takes me 45 minutes on average to write about 10 pages of that script, and I usually averaged around four per day, which shows how much time I put into it…

Nevertheless, I’m pretty satisfied with what I got. For a start it’s 125% of the original target, and there were relatively few typos – as far as I know. I did leave a couple of dodgy capitals in there because I was desperately trying to write a decent amount on the last day.

I will  now send that 125-page long script to my friend Ben, who will then finish it for me. Hopefully. Because I am a lazy beast.

No, that’s not why I’m sending it to him. I’m sending it to him because this month, I have a very different challenge to take on … EDITING!

That’s right. I’m returning to Watching, the novel-of-a-million-problems, in order to edit to something vaguely coherent. And why? I’ve pretty much decided that it’d never be published, after all. Well, the answer to that is … I have two coupons for NaNoWriMo free proof copies from CreateSpace. My friend wants one of them. This will be the copy that my parents read. This’ll be the copy that stays with me.

So it has to be better than it is right now.

And actually I started editing, and it’s not too bad. Admittedly, I did just change the dates it all happens so that it happens in December not February. There was a point to that but I can’t remember what it was. I just have to remember that I’ve done it so later, when they say the date, I’m not skipping two months.

Anyhow … I’ll let you know how that goes, and I’m off to do another half hour before I go to bed!

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