Duke of Edinburgh Roundup

Duke of Edinburgh Roundup

I haven’t written a blog post in a little while, which is a shame. In fact, I’ve been rather absent from Twitter etc recently … but I have had a very good excuse! And I managed to post a YouTube video two days early (because that happened to be the moment when my parents were not in the house to hear me).

I’ve been on Duke of Edinburgh. For those of you that don’t know, the DofE is an award scheme for young people to celebrate all areas of stuff. Apparently. Umm. This weekend was the expedition for the Bronze Award (the only level currently offered at my school).

I died.

You know, I never knew that a rucksack could be that heavy. It was worse, I think, for someone like me. If you haven’t been around long you won’t know that I’m pretty short, but I am. Which means rucksacks that are designed for taller people are pretty darn painful. They dig into all the wrong places and are generally just a nightmare. I mean, what’s the point in a METAL strap OVER the padding? It only serves to bruise me to the point where my back will never be the same…

And that’s not the only thing affected by being a midget. Steps, too. There are a surprising number of hills in Maidstone. I had absolutely no idea. We found ourselves climbing up steps, down steps, up steps, down steps, up a sheer path, down it again … and the steps were each about a foot high. Comfortable for someone over six foot, normal for some around five foot ten … and for me, at five foot three inches?


Let’s just say I didn’t feel up to my dance workout last night.

We got lost, too. That wasn’t our fault – we were misdirected by teachers, and I blame them entirely. We were nowhere near as off the path as one of the other groups, who arrived back at 6:25pm having left at 10am. We arrived at 4:05pm having left at 10:30am. They strayed from the path just a wee bit…

I didn’t mind the camping so much, even the cooking and the putting up/down of tents. I’d have preferred not to wake up at six, but I didn’t have a choice. And better weather for tent-putting-up would have been nice. But that wasn’t so bad.

The walking, though, killed me.

I was so glad to be home.

One thought on “Duke of Edinburgh Roundup

  1. Horrendously heavy rucksacks? Check.
    Misdirecting teachers? Check.
    Awful weather? Check.
    Painfully steep hills? Check.

    …. Yup, that’s D of E the world over. Velcome to ze fold *grins*

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