Technology And I

Technology And I

Technology hates me. No, I’m being serious. I don’t mean that occasionally I can’t program things to solve simultaneous equations – the last time I did that it took me four hours, then the computer crashed and I had to do my maths homework by hand. Oh no. Technology is a sadist, and I am its unsuspecting victim…

Those of you that have been around my blog for a while will know that I’m experimenting with YouTube videos. If you didn’t know anything about this, I’m basically reading aloud some of my work as well as uploading a few random talk-y videos to an account under the name of MJLongman. You can find me there. Please feel free to subscribe ;)

Today, I recorded my longest video yet. I sat and I read the first quarter of the first chapter of my NaNoWriMo 2010 novel, which was written in eight days: Figurehead.

And then my entire computer froze.

Now, I’ve had freezing before. It’s often the web browser that freezes and won’t register the mouse clicks. This time it wasn’t just that. The mouse froze – and the clock froze. I know this because the clock and my watch are normally only a minute out of sync (Computer – 19:17, Watch – 19:18). However, it was telling me this:

Computer: 17:15
Watch: 17:18

Therefore, the computer had frozen.

I shut it down, restarted it and made the video all over again (this time better). Unfortunately the tab decided to close just 10% into processing the video. Well, no matter… I could do it again, I suppose.

And I did.

And it worked.

And now … please make all my hard work worth it. Please make it worth getting yelled at by my parents for not revising for the GCSE I’ve got tomorrow. Please subscribe, and then maybe my computer will be happy enough not to break next week … ! :)

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