Feather Pen Friday: A Day Late: PROOF COPIES

Feather Pen Friday: A Day Late: PROOF COPIES

I’m so sorry, dear readers, I really am. I fully intended to write this post yesterday and, well, the only excuse I can offer is that I was having technology issues and couldn’t get onto the internet.

I wanted to talk to you about my proof copies! Yeah! Proper printed books!

Basically, if you complete NaNoWriMo you get given this code thing, right? It’s for a company called CreateSpace who are a self-publishing company. Right now I’m not sure that self-publishing is the direction I want to take, but I’m happy to use their book-printing tools if it means I get a copy of my book.

Because of this code I’m entitled to one free proof copy of my book. Only some very awesome people (Spook and Elo among them) decided their books weren’t ready for printing, and gave me their codes. Which means … more copies!

I wanted to get a photo of the proper copy, but can’t find my camera, so here are the two front covers of Version One and Version Two. There’ll be a video up with me and my proof copies very soon, so subscribe to MJLongman on YouTube to get that as soon as it’s up!

Um. I’m going to stop wittering and put up the photos now.

Watching Cover Version One
Here is the version that I've currently got on the typo-filled proof copies. I'm not sure I like the blurb any more. Yes, I took this picture - it's Wakehurst Place in Sussex (?)
Watching Cover Version Two
This is the second version ... and I've just realised it's got the old blurb! Obviously I saved the photo before I changed it. I'll go and get the new blurb version now ... oh, and I took this photo too, it's the Lake District.
Watching Cover Version 3
After my brother and dad both said the blurb was too long, I wrote this one ... and managed to get rid of every word that went over the edge of a line and had to be hyphenated! (Since CreateSpace doesn't seem to have a 'centre' feature).

See. You couldn’t get that with an e-book. Okay, so it looks better with the ISBN instead of ‘Made with cover creator’, but hey, this is just the preview, not a photograph….

12 thoughts on “Feather Pen Friday: A Day Late: PROOF COPIES

  1. I must say Ooooohhh..

    As to the best cover – I like the way the first one is layed out but the third blurd is better.

    :] Elorithryn

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I found that the print on the back of the first one was too small and hard to read. I also felt that the title cut across the photo too much – it’s not quite so clear in this picture, but it’s very obvious in real life! ;)

        1. I’m not sure whether that’s a comment on your own mortality or a slight on my writing or an insult to the publishing world in general…. :/

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