Moany Monday: A Day Late: Even Vista Agrees…

Moany Monday: A Day Late: Even Vista Agrees…

This post is also a day late. But you know, I have a good reason for that. What’s more, it links to the subject of the post, so I can tell you about it, and that is the post in itself.

When I was thinking about what to write in this, I couldn’t think of anything at first. Perhaps I should just say I don’t have anything to moan about, I thought. Until yesterday. Then I realised that I did.

Okay, I’m not going to lie – the primary reason that this blog post is late is because I had friends over, we were watching a movie, then we dressed up in stupid outfits and made a film in my garden, which will be on YouTube but under ‘private’, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to watch it. That was the main reason.

But then I tried to edit the movie on my computer (and downloaded new software to do so), and ran into issues. My computer died so much that Windows flashed up a message: “We detect that your computer is running slowly! Would you like to change your colour scheme to Windows Vista Basic? I’m sure it would make an enormous difference.”

I agreed. If Vista thinks I’m going slowly, there’s something seriously wrong with my computer.

That was to say nothing of the internet. I’ve been trying to send an email – attachments won’t work. Opening my documents is an achievement. Getting into my emails is an achievement.

And then, to top it all off, my phone broke. Seriously. It broke! It now requires charging every six hours or so (not great for day trips), it takes twenty minutes to turn on, it won’t send texts that are longer than one SMS, even though it used to, it freezes every five minutes, and I’m constantly having to take the battery out to re-start it.

I’ve had this phone for five months.

My dear friends, this is why you do not lend me your cameras.

6 thoughts on “Moany Monday: A Day Late: Even Vista Agrees…

  1. Oh dear Del. Bad computer! Mine was being a spazz last night too – Yahoo wouldn’t send emails and my documents decided to rearrange themselves … I think they’re initiating Operation World Domination!

  2. Yahoo p****d me off to last night, refusing to send an email and thern telling me it hadn’t saved the draft either.

    Ms Del, if yu will go saying how much technology hates you it will in turn go out if its way to prove it. I know. Got the t-shirt!

  3. This is when I am glad I have a techno savy husband. *grin* BUt in all seriousness *HUGGLES* to you Del. I thought I lost all my files once, and my poor mother-in-law go tthe brunt of my frustration…. It was horribnle considering I only got them all back three years afo, after having them sitting upon a ‘dead’ drive for three years…

    :} Elorithryn

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