Something Saturday: I don’t have a personality disorder…

Something Saturday: I don’t have a personality disorder…

I don’t. At least, not a diagnosed one. But a while ago somebody said to me that handwriting shows your personality. Really? Because in that case, I totally have a multiple personality disorder. It’ll go from neat and small to neat and large, from messy and small to messy and large, from joined up to print, to something in between … look from page to page in my notebook and you wouldn’t even believe they were by the same person.

Oh, and talking of notebooks, duct tape.


My readers are confused.

Let me explain. A little while ago, I made a notebook out of duct tape. Well, and paper, obviously. Pretty much nothing will write on duct tape and even permanent marker rubs off, so that would make really bad pages. The cover was duct tape, and it looks pretty darn cool. I called it my ‘Book of Thoughts’ and in it, I wrote whatever was going through my head right then, whether it was a quote or a line from a song or a nonsensical phrase or whatever…

From now on, I’m going to share with you a page of it each week, until I’ve run out of ones I’m happy to share and have to move on to my new notebook. I’d take a photo and upload it but unfortunately it’s a bit late at night for that today, so you’ll have to miss out on that. However, I’ll do my best to keep the formatting intact!

It’s not an issue with today’s post, but remember in the future that these are often written on several different days. This one, however, was all written at the same time.


                           always trying to put me in a box …

                                                            pretending you know better.

you don’t know who i am.

know nothing
about me
                 only what you’re guessing.
                 only what you see in yourself
                                                           and think you see in me.




Um, well, that’s all. I hope I didn’t scare you too much. Trust me, it gets a lot weirder. I’m just going to go before I show you quite how odd I can get sometimes….

6 thoughts on “Something Saturday: I don’t have a personality disorder…

  1. Wow, I never knew that. Though, according to a test, I have schizophrenic tendencies, hyperactive tendencies and half a dozen other signs of premature strangeness … oh, and I’m bisexual, does that count?

    We’re all mad here ;)

      1. *shrug* It didn’t cross me as being terribly important. But hey, we learn something new every day eh? And what can I say, I’m full of surprises ;)

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