Moany Monday: The attack of the vocal characters…

Moany Monday: The attack of the vocal characters…

I’m not talking about technology today simply because I’m too fed up to bother. Also, I’ve not had a huge amount of time for using it this weekend, meaning that a post is a little difficult.

So, my vocal characters. I mentioned them in Friday’s post and I can tell you, they’re getting a whole lot worse. They waited until I worked out who was behind this plot (yay! one problem solved!) and then hit me with the bigger questions, such as…

How the heck are we now going to solve this problem?

I’ve realised that all I know is that there are these bad guys behind this and somehow my characters have to sort it out. And that’s it. How do they sort it out? Do they kill them or what? I don’t know!

To make it worse, Bronwyn – the most stubborn antagonist you could possibly have – is getting on my nerves. Wyn, I don’t know how to write about your crush on Alys because I’ve never been through that. I write from experience and when I haven’t got the experience, what am I meant to do? None of my friends happen to be able to advise me on that, thanks!

(By the way, if anyone out there has any suggestions on how someone who’s homosexual might describe another girl when they’ve got a crush on them, I would be hugely grateful for the help … go to the ‘contact me’ page if you don’t want to post it publicly!)

Oh, and I’m not mad at her because I’ve got anything against lesbians, just so you know. I’m mad at her because (a) I have no idea how to write it and (b) Alys is the only vaguely innocent character I’ve got left (even after she watched her sister be murdered), so I don’t want her to get any more screwed up.

I’m going to go and abuse these morons a bit more, but if you’ve got any advice, stories of this happening to you etc, please …. please ….. please, post a comment. I need you.

Also, it’s about 32 degrees over here which might not seem a lot to you guys from warm places, but it’s doing my head in. I’m sticking to the table. This is not English weather! Give us some rain or something!

Actually, don’t. A breezy twenty degrees is fine for me.

This is Celsius for Americans or other aliens, btw.

15 thoughts on “Moany Monday: The attack of the vocal characters…

  1. Err, I’m afraid I can’t help on the romance front! I had trouble enough botching my meagre experiences together for Exile and Legend.

    However, I think I can help you out on how a gay person would describe someone attractive, because I don’t think it’s much different from the way a straight person would describe someone of the opposite sex. They’d probably find something particular (or a few things) they like physically – like pretty eyes, nice legs, good figure, whatever – and perhaps something like feeling happy when they see them laugh or smile. I always used to find myself grinning along with my last boyfriend because it made me happy to see him happy too.

    Have yet to have any experience on the female front though, hehehe :P

    Hope that helps xP

    1. When did you have a boyfriend? I swear you go to a girls’ school?
      What I need to do is find a lesbian to talk to me. LOL! That came out sounding so weird…

      1. Oh, last year. We had a social with another school – we’re not complete nuns, y’know! ;)

        Wellll … I’m halfway there, hehe! xD

        1. Yeah, I guess you are, lol ;) And I’m just going on what my sister’s told me about her friends’ boarding schools … they are very proper, you know. I go to a mixed school but I’m not interested in boys (or girls, for that matter!), so I just hang out on my own and counsel my friend through his complicated love life (he is totally in love with this girl, and I’m trying to help out) … that’s enough romance for me, thanks!

        2. Also I don’t think it does count (to return to the original conversation) as we’re talking about personality and not … whatever that’s classed as, I don’t know any more.

  2. I sould hope that’s 32 degrees celcious, otherwise you’d be freezing. *grin* Ah so that’s almost 90 degrees farinheight (egads, I’m not sure I can spell that right). I can see how that could be getting to you, especially if you’ve got any amount of humidity. Yuk!

    As to your issues… I’m afraid I can’t offer much help. I suspect my trouble won’t start until I begin writing Rachael’s story from part one.

    Good luck though! I hope you do find someone who can give you advice.

    :} Elorhtyrn

    1. Yeah, it’s humid all right. What’s more, it’s completely overcast, just boiling, so it’s really stuffy – you can’t get a tan, you’re just stuck overheating.

  3. I probably can’t be of much help either; I have problems writing straight relationships, let alone the other kind. Like for last year’s Nano, I had two characters that I’d planned to get together eventually, but then right in chapter two the guy proposed before I could stop him, and then the girl said no before I could stop her, and next thing I know he’s half a continent away and she’s off to a heroic death via laser rifle. I did not see that coming. :P

    1. That sounds pretty dramatic! I hate it when things like that happens…I can’t help but sit there saying, “Now, am I writing this or are you?”

  4. 32C? The locals here would have their woolies on for that!

    On sexual attraction, Spook hits it about right with her analysis. Unless you’re planning on detailed accounts of what they get up to (which is probably not a good idea at your age ), just use the usual outward signs of attraction and affection and makes sure the gender pronouns match.

    On boarding schools, I suspect most students stil manage a social life outside those four walls. I can’t wait ;til Ms Spook writes her own version of Malory Towers and the Chalet School series. I’m guessing there would be a big market for well-told YA set in a modern girls’ boarding school. Come on.Ms Spook! The world is waiting. Jolly hockey sticks and all that!

    On experience – don’t let personal eperience restrict your writing. Observation and imagination are the tools of the writer. “Write what you know” is an urban myth of writing – Who knows anything about other planets or inner worlds? Most murder mystery writers haven’t actually killed anybody. Most detective writers aren’t policeman. No-one alive now knows what t was really like in ancient Egypt.
    @Michael- ah yes, the old heroic death by laser rifle syndrome. Luckily that hasn’t crept into any of my novels yet, but I’ll be keeping a wary eye out for it in the future!

    1. I think it would be easier if Alys felt that way too, because I’ve already had to write all that in the first book between Jennie and Alex, but since it’s only Bronwyn that feels that way and Alys is totally freaked out, I don’t know what to do. I’ve never had to write that. Also, Bronwyn never knew before this that she’d feel that way :(

      I try and write emotion from experience. It’s much easier. However, I have a lot of trouble with romance since I’ve not been through it myself and I end up plaguing my friends with questions … not good when they’re totally lovesick. I’ve had to stop doing that; it was getting irritating for them. But six months of no questions = six months of stretching my imagination to the limit.

      Apparently it’s quite good though.

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