Alone In The House

Alone In The House

I know Thursday isn’t one of my posting days, and it’s already gone half past ten so I should probably be getting off the computer, but I had a few things that seemed important to say. First of all, right now I’m alone in the house. Well, I’ve got my brother, who’s apparently a responsible adult, but as far as parents are concerned, I’m safe. House party!!!

I’m joking. I’m going to stay at home and write.

Second of all, I thought I should tell you about my dreams for ballet. They’re very close to my heart at the moment and I’m rather shy about sharing them, since I know they’re almost impossible. They won’t come true, I suspect. However, as readers you put up with me through thick and thin, through my moaning and celebrating, and one day, perhaps, you’ll buy my book. I owe it to you.

I’ve taken my grade five ballet exam, which isn’t very high for somebody of my age. That’s because I’m a late starter. Or rather, I’m a normal starter who took a four year … sabbatical … in the middle. Hence the starting again. Hence the low grade.

I want to audition for a ballet school. Right now I’m looking at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. That’s for several reasons:

  1. From their statements on their website and from videos I’ve seen, they’re much more inclusive of people who aren’t flat-chested, superskinny and mega flexible. Well, not sure about the last one. Anyway, I’m working on it.
  2. Contemporary is given equal footing with ballet. Although Classical Ballet will always be what I’m interested in, I love to experiment, to choreograph to whatever music happens to be on, whether it’s Pirates of the Caribbean or My Chemical Romance. Contemporary is about expression and experimentation…something I love.
  3. It’s not in Central London. I’m not a city girl and never will be. What’s more, I probably couldn’t afford it.
  4. They start with basics, they say so – to unlearn bad habits and that. So, someone like me could catch up, if I managed to get in at all. I wouldn’t feel like a complete alien…
I want to get into a dance school because I want to become good, good enough to be in a company in the corps de ballet. I’ve got no dreams of being principal. It would be nice, but it’s not going to happen. I haven’t the training or the figure, and I’m a bit too short too. But I just want the performing experience.
To teach. The best teachers have performed too. I want to teach kids that can’t afford it to dance. Maybe if I’m a rich and famous author, I’ll set up a mini residential ballet school for kids who would never be able to afford / get into a normal one. I’ll teach them, and one day they’ll be the stars. For too long ballet’s been only for the rich folk who could afford it, but not any more. I’m going to teach them.
People think this is really noble. It’s not. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me, because I know how they feel.

10 thoughts on “Alone In The House

  1. Sometimes noble actions *can* come from self-interest.

    Noble is a third party’s perception of a first party’s self-interested actions.

    People don’t help other people because they are noble. They do it because they get pleasure from helping others.

  2. Wow MIi’s got that fact head on. *grin*

    But I’m actually here to say Horray! and if you can’t start it over there, come over here. I’ve found a really cool Dance Studio (Dance Foundations in Columbia MD) I’m having fun doing Tap (first lesson was yesterday, and I”m finding I have a strange sort of desire to practice… if only I had a suitable floor…)

    Anyway the owner of Dance Foundations is pretty cool and quite Christian. She’s starting a dance ministry with her church for recovering adicts and the like. Makes me think of you. A little…I’m sure there are people like her over there, I wonder if she might know anyone.

    :} Cathryn Leigh / Elo

      1. That is quite worrying, yes. I guess it could be because I’m addicted to apple juice. If I don’t have it for more than about two days, I get stomach cramps and headaches. Lol, withdrawal symptoms from apple juice ;)

      2. It has to do with wanting to give back to those who are have nots more than those who are haves… that’s what made me tie the two of them together… as to my typos/complete inability to apparently distinquish all version of quite, quit, quiet.. :P *giggles* (I’m so mature sometime. *sigh*)

        :} Cathryn Leigh / Elo

  3. That’s a lovely thing to do Del! I wish I had your altruistic inclination :P
    Best of luck with your ballet plans – I’m afraid I know absolutely nothing about ballet and thus cannot offer any advice, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for you all the way in the exam results!

  4. I wish you all the best! And if there’s something that a normal person, like I am, can do to help you let me know. And of course if Jase gets rich and famous one day I will make sure that you’ll get some money to help you along the way ^^.

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