Oh yes I did!

Oh yes I did!

1001 words in 10 minutes with Dr Wicked’s Write or Die. I had a little logo thingymeblob, but technology is hating me today.

Best since NaNo ’10 :D

Nearly finished this novel. No title, and there’s no way it’ll be the only thing I write for Camp NaNoWriMo since my wordcount from the beginning of July is nowhere near 50k, but the book’s nearly finished. Unfortunately. The whole thing looks like it’s going to end up about 80k, 7k shorter than the first one. That’s not too big a difference :)

I’m going to have to write another one to get my 50k! My next project, however (“Pointed”) is going to require some research, since it’s set in Communist Russia, and I’ve already set aside some time to do that!

And today (Tuesday lunchtime) I beat that record too! :::

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