Scary Stuff, Huh?

Scary Stuff, Huh?

I know it’s kind of scary for you all out there, but to celebrate the fact that this blog will, in a month’s time, have been going for a year, and I’ve posted way too much in that time, I decided to revamp my pages.

You’ll notice I’ve put ‘About Me’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Structure’ under a general ‘About’ tab, so that it’s less clogged up at the top. I’ve also moved the ‘Thanks to’ section from the side bar to nestle under ‘About’ as well, because it was getting a bit full.

After moving around a few more widgets, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a little lost at first (*grin*) but hopefully once you’ve got used to it everything will be much easier to access!

I’ve also added an ‘Archives’ widget to make it easier to view old posts (I found it very hard earlier when I was looking for one), and I’ve got rid of the tag cloud because it was annoying me.

That’s all :)

And I don’t really think you’re stupid. It’s called sarcasm. Or something like that.

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