Terrible Tuesday: Because I forgot to post yesterday….

Terrible Tuesday: Because I forgot to post yesterday….

So, I’ve been having a great time writing songs, and here are the lyrics to ‘Anwen In Pink’. Demo will be up on YouTube shortly, thought you might like to see the writing side of it all…

Anwen in Pink

Born amidst the darkness,
A child of fights and war,
Who grew up in her mother’s arms,
And who knows what she saw?

We couldn’t hide forever
They’d find us soon enough.
I only thought to keep her safe,
Don’t let them treat her rough.


Soon you’ll see I’m scary
When those I love are far away.
When you’re here, you can’t hurt them.
They’ll live to see another day.


You’ll rue the day you caught me;
I’ve never liked a trap.
Soon you’ll be in the darkness,
Lost without a map!


But though I looked for peace and rest,
I haven’t lost my fight.
And though I may console her,
I’ll still do what is right.


If I can hold her in my arms,
While I shoot you from the sky,
Then I’m never going to leave her,
Not until the day I die.


[quieter now, a little worried]
I wonder, should I stop this?
If I don’t she’s got a chance.
My child could live forever,
For eternity she’d dance.

Inspired by the same picture as before :) Had so much fun writing the music to this! “Okay, Ben, this one’s got a rocky feel to it…” *he starts playing random chords* *I start singing some random tune* “Yep, that’s good, let’s record that.”

So, hopefully demos soon and sorry to be constantly posting about music, I know that’s meant to be my other blog, but hey, whatever, I finished my book and amn’t writing anything else just yet.

Suggestions for band name? Am considering ‘Alien Tech’ – reference to Doctor Who, “The Empty Child” where they talk about it a lot, and that ep has Cap. Jack in it so links very neatly to Torchwood. Also leaves it open for writing songs about other sci-fi stuff. However suggestions accepted, still need to run this past the others!

2 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday: Because I forgot to post yesterday….

  1. Someone’s just a little bit AWESOME!
    “Alien Tech” … I like it, though I’d be happy to think of more if you tell me more about the stuff you’ll be singing – just sci-fi stuff, or more besides? I’ll have a think for you if you like :)

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