And Now For A 24-Hour Coach Journey

And Now For A 24-Hour Coach Journey

Well, I had a band rehearsal yesterday, and that went great, even though there were only three of us, instead of six. I didn’t write a blog post about writing, even though it was Friday, because you know what? I haven’t written much this last week. I did do some research on Thursday in the library, and I have a picture of our massive stack of books to prove it. However, the picture isn’t on my computer, it’s on a different one, so we have an issue there.

What else did I do this week? I watched two series of Black Books, tried to convince my best friend’s parents that he isn’t my boyfriend, failed completely at packing and found a house belonging to a fictional character on Google Maps. Because I am just that cool. (Come talk to me about that one…)

So this afternoon, I’m going on a 24-hour coach journey. Our orchestra is setting off on our summer tour to Lake Garda, and we’re going by coach because insurance on instruments is so expensive for planes.

I won’t be around until Friday, although I’ll try and post if there’s a computer in our hotel, but I’m going to be writing while I’m gone. I’m taking my trusty duct-tape notebook, several books (The Dirk Gently Omnibus; The Gates Of Rome; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages), one of which is wrapped in newspaper with the title ‘The Encyclopaedia Galactica’ written in felt tip on it (don’t ask), and of course my instruments…

Keep an eye on my other blog for posts, because if I manage to get any done while I’m gone that’ll be where they’re posted!

Must go now, need to finish packing. Have a nice week!

3 thoughts on “And Now For A 24-Hour Coach Journey

  1. Oh I want to know who’s house you found, but I’ll just have to waits as I”m late reading this blog…

    Have fun and be safe!
    (Tis the goodbye mantra of my house, born from my hubby’s years of racing motorcycles.)

    :} Cathryn Leigh

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