Something Saturday: This is how novels are written.

Something Saturday: This is how novels are written.

Take one stressed writer.

Add a deadline, a laptop and an open document.

Feed them with sherbot lemons, but make sure they don’t eat very many.

Take away their whole afternoon by volunteering them for community events, so that they’re totally exhausted by the end. Then, send them to the library so they’ve got a whole pile of books to distract them.

Stick them in front of the computer.

Put on some film music, scroll to the end of the document, and ask them to type.

Wait until it’s already too late to start, then make them start.

Have them write into the night.

At eleven o’clock, have them stop writing, having written four thousand words.

Remind them they used to be able to do 15k in a day.

Let this guilt-trip them into writing more tomorrow.

Have them pause in turning off the computer, and write another thousand.

The same will happen tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Why?

Because this is how novels are written.

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