Shall I Compare Thee To … Stephen King?

Shall I Compare Thee To … Stephen King?

It’s always flattering, isn’t it – that one friend who loves your work no matter how crap it is. Sure it’s not all that helpful in the long run, but when you need a bit of an ego boost it’s kinda helpful.

He’s read my book Watching, both the first draft and the fifth, so that’s an interesting experience in itself (they’re very different). I guess that means he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to my writing. What he actually said was this:

“Miriam’s one of those writers who’s got that rare gift – like Stephen King – that, when you’re reading their books, you can actually see it happening like a film.”

Well, thank you very much, that’s very flattering. So I’m a kind of urban fantasy, not horror, but I probably torture my characters in the same way :) (I figured they got off easy after I read Misery … that thing had me up all night because I had to know if he lived.)

I like to say I can do this because when I’m writing I imagine it as a film, then describe what I can see. Does that make sense? It did in my head, but now it’s on paper it looks kind of funny. Well, a computer screen. Whatever.

Anyway, in other news, it’s rather late so I should be going to bed; this has happened:

; I’ve put up the next part of my tour diary (parts one and two now available); I had a few flattering reviews on those two articles on Facebook, i.e. you’re a great writer, can I read your book (answer: no); I have lost a copy of my book, in that my friend has it and we can’t get together for me to get it back; and I spent way too much of today running barefoot on the grass with a friend who’s on crutches and another who runs like a girl. They’re both boys.


I should go to bed, I’m rambling.

Fare thee well!

Oh, and I got pointe shoes. But that was yesterday, I just forgot to say it.

7 thoughts on “Shall I Compare Thee To … Stephen King?

  1. Wow, really? I never get the full “film view” – rather scene snippets, like it’s a very badly done stage performance xD

    But he was right – you’re a very good writer Del! Your first drafts are better than half my third drafts, haha!

    1. I’m a first-draft kind of person, that’s all. I’ll redraft and redraft but in the end, I’ll often go back and copy things from the first draft. All my essays are first or sometimes second drafts.

  2. No Miriam, saying that you see it like a movie and then write what you see, makes perfect sense to me. I am often imagining scenes in my head so that I can fully comprehend and write them accurately. If this heat ever breaks I’ll go back to walking so I can act out a few of them…

    :} Cathryn Leigh

    1. Thank goodness I’m not alone! Yes, I often act out the scenes. I’ll choose a character and play her part. I sometimes get way too into it though, ha ha…. Usually I do this on my own at night where no one can see me because I imagine I look quite ridiculous, especially if it’s a lovey-dovey scene or a death scene.

    1. Oh It’s totally Fun! Acting out the parts. But yes, I do tend to do them when along, like Miriam, as I’d probably be considered crazy for doing so. It goes the same for talking out scenes or sining while I’m walking too.

      :} Cathryn Leigh

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