Sailing ‘Bye’ (with pictures of the Doctor)

Sailing ‘Bye’ (with pictures of the Doctor)

Right now, I’m on a boat somewhere on the Norfolk Broads. I’m with an organisation called Scripture Union. By now, I’m probably longing for a proper toilet, some firm ground and food that I don’t have to worry about. It’s always an adventure for me, on holiday – will I find some food I can actually eat?

I’ll also probably be learning a lot about sailing, and what you can’t do on a boat (ballet). And I’ll have had my first experience of noveling from a cabin bunk (not as fast as on a laptop, I’m guessing!).

I say probably because I’m writing this on Friday night, before I go. I thought you might like to know where I was going but I already posted today and besides, you don’t want a generic ‘I’m going away’ post, do you? You want to see a marvellous feat of technology, that proves I’m alive while at the same point not disproving that I’m dead.


So here are pictures, to keep you entertained. Most of them are Torchwood or Doctor Who. Lol ;D

And that was all. Please think of me on my boat as you go through your week, no more automated posts from me but expect some amusing ship’s log entries when I get back! My notebook will be hard at work, I can assure you.

2 thoughts on “Sailing ‘Bye’ (with pictures of the Doctor)

    1. I’m too tired to tell you much, lol, I have 67 pages of handwritten stuff to type up. And I lost my camera, so I can’t even photograph my handwritten stuff to demonstrate how illegible it is :(

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