Something Saturday: Under my pillow

Something Saturday: Under my pillow

At night I often write in a notebook, continuing on from wherever I left off previously on my laptop, or the laptop I’ve borrowed while dear old Rory is in for repairs. (And there’s good news on that front, for they think they can fix it.)

While I was away sailing, I filled about half of an A5 Refill Pad. I’ve now finished it, or at least, I’ve only got a page or two left and it’s hardly worth starting a new chapter there. So I have begun a new notebook, a boring exercise book, with one of my school-style Berol pens that take me back to when I was learning to write joined up, and last night I wrote.

It was perhaps half past midnight when I stopped, put my spare pens on the shelf, clicked off the lamp and settled down to sleep. But wait: there was something I did before that, something guaranteed to give me whispery, word-filled dreams.

The notebook. Where did I put it?

The new Berol pen on the shelf. The two old ones a little further along so I didn’t get confused when I woke up. And my current pen, and the new notebook that until now was so clean and didn’t have a single bent corner? They both went under my pillow.

While I was away sailing, there was a lost property box. Somehow my pillowcase got separated from my pillow, and it turned up in the box. When they held up items, the only things to distinguish this Bhs cream pillowcase from the others were the inkspots on the bottom, from where I’d slept with a fountain pen under my pillow.

And with the words so close to my ears, it’s no wonder I dream of stories…

6 thoughts on “Something Saturday: Under my pillow

    1. I often do that too, but you know, I’ve got thin arms and small notebooks and a wide pillow, there’s room enough for all of us :) Actually I have two pillows, and I put my arm between them and my notebook beneath, or my notebook beneath and my arms between … I’m generally asleep so I can’t really remember, even if I do sleep with my eyes open.

  1. You know all this talk of St. Mal’s makes me sooo jealous (and super excited!).

    But back on topic. Like Spook my arm is often under the pillow, especially when the hubby isn’t home and I cuddle the pillow. Plus even if he was home I’m not so sure he’d be keen on me keeping a pen and notebook there…

    Still I bought extra school supplies for Fiona. I too now have composition notebooks to write in… If I can get my silly muse to cooperate.

    But Good news on the laptop though. May all your files be found and in tip top shape. *grin*

    :} Cathryn Leigh (seriously am I the only person who signs things any more? *grin*)

    1. Well, I don’t generally sign comments because, you know, it says who I am. Yes, I use exercise books as well! Really scuzzy ones usually, or ones I may kind of have nicked from school… I really hope they save my laptop. I want it back!

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