Runaway Writer

Runaway Writer

I had an idea today.

Well, I have ideas on lots of days, usually when I’m having a writing marathon or need to hammer out a plot (sometimes I lose it). But today I had an idea for an event. A charity event. That involves writing.

Oh yes.

During NaNoWriMo, a bunch of London folk like myself (though I wasn’t among them) went around London writing in various locations. With laptops if they had long enough batteries and notebooks if not, they hit the streets of London Town and got in a little writing tour.

It seemed like quite a good idea, bar the rain that plagues England in November – okay, all year round – and the fact that my laptop doesn’t like being taken away from my desk. And today, when I was walking home, it was nice and sunny and I had a notebook in my bag, and there was a bench just sitting there … so I sat down. And got out my notebook, and my pen, and began to write.

I stayed there for about half an hour, by which time I’d written four pages (they’re very small, I was going quite slowly) and then carried on on my way. But when I reached my house, I went out into the garden and sat on the trampoline and carried on writing there. And thus my idea was born.

Imagine if a group of writers organised themselves, right, to get sponsored. You don’t have to live in the same place. You don’t have to live on the same continent. But you choose a charity that you want to support (for me it would probably be Stop The Traffik) and you choose a bus / train / footpath route to follow, and you see how many locations you can visit with your notebook in a day. But there’s a catch, because you have to write a certain number of pages at each place. Maybe you’re slow, so go for one. Or you’re fast – go for five.

Arrange with your sponsors that you’ll write this many pages at each place, and then have them sponsor you per place that you visit. Give yourself a day when you’re not set to do anything else (preferably have the next day to recover) and then get going.

By the end of the day there’ll be several outcomes:

-You’ll have written a lot, and got a lot of fresh air that you wouldn’t have normally got on a weekend you spent writing
-You’ll have been inspired by nature around you!
-You’ll have got quite a few odd looks from people walking by if they see you with a computer / notebook in the middle of a field, probably talking to thin air. But hey, we’re writers
-You’ll have raised money for your favourite charity – now all you’ve got to do is collect it.

I personally can’t see any flaws with this plan, except that I don’t really have a free day to do it on. But I’ll find one, and I will do it, and if I take my bike I could probably raise a lot of money too.

Any of you feel like trying it? If you do, let me know how it goes and which charity you chose to raise money for! I’d also be interested in your page / wordcount for the day :)

9 thoughts on “Runaway Writer

  1. That’s an amazing idea! You should totally go for it!
    I’m afraid I couldn’t join you – boarding school and all – but I’ll bet there are plenty of willing peeps in the area!

  2. Oh Come One Spook! You could have your class mates give you a nickle for every spot on campus you managed to write a page in!

    I wonder if I could get HR in my company involved in this…

    Nah, maybe I’ll stick to relatives. They are much more used to my insanity, though I’ve been telling enough people I’m an aspiring writer. I need to get publish some day.

    1. Ha ha, I’d do that at my school but the grounds are so small. And of course with this you’d have to define what you meant by new locations – ten metres away? A hundred metres away?

  3. Sounds like a brilliant idea, Cap’n Mim. Especially of you’re writing St. Mallory’s Forever! when you do it! :-)

    Catherine, if all Spook’s class-mates chuck in a nickel each she’ll have a lot of foreign currency! :-) Not much call for nickels, quarters or dimes this side of the Atlantic,

    1. Okay I hated Your comment with out trying MR. MWi… I have no idea how… Erm, my husbands leet hacker skill s much be rubbing off…

      Anwyay I think you all know what I meant. Nickles, Pence, it’s all money… I’m sure her charity wouldn’t mind what curency it’s in. *grin*

      Oh and My parents cursed me with the weirdest spelling of Cathryn out there. Yes c-a-t-h-R-Y-N (everytime I say it I have to spell it…) Not that my nickname is too much better.

      I’m still thinking of how I might want to try Miriam’s idea. Maybe I can do a stop every hundred miles on my way to my mom’s and write in hm… I could do Maryland (easy), Deleaware, New Jersey, Pensilvania, New York, Conneticuit, Rhode Island and Mass! That’s eights states! *giggles*

  4. Miriam :
    You should definitely get more if they’re in different states! Me, I was thinking going every three bus stops along a route or something…

    If I got a few people involved I would devinately consider getting a daily pass on the Light Rail and doing it on the way in to Baltimore – stopping at the Inner Harbor (OR John Hopkins Hospital, which is the end of the line) to write more and then doing the same thing on the way back *grin*

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