Ahoy there, ye scurvy beast! Avast with yer King’s English an’ join us, or ye’ll find yerself walkin’ the plank!

Today be a day fer to cheer ye up, no matter thee problems in yer life, an’ here we be celebratin’ ’til the mornin’, so just ye get over here an’ join in! It be the day of talkin’ like a pirate on all the seven seas, an’ ye be missin’ it!

For those of ye that tweets it be quite plain that today be the day, for ‘trending’ is the topic. But for those of ye who tweet not, it migh’ have passed ye by tha’ today is not fer speakin’ like a posh bloke, yeah?

Well I’m assured that ye’s all sensible folks but I know not if ye’ll understan’ the lingo, being not pirates yerselves but lubbers an’ bilge-rats. But did yer never wan’ to take to the seas an’ plunder an’ sail, ye’ll wan’ to be known’ how this all starrted, won’t yer?

So turn yer ships aroun’ an make for anotherr port o’ call, that being this ‘un:

Worry not, fer I’ll be back wit’ more regularrrr missives in the future, but fer today this be all yer gettin’. Scat, ye scurvy dogs!

18 thoughts on “Arrr!

    1. Ye be welcome. Now get ye to scrubbin’ the decks o’ the good ship St Mallory’s or I be a-chasin’ ye ’til midnight! The first mate be wantin’ chapters! (I be tellin’ him to wait, but he listens not to his cap’n)

      1. Arr, I be doin’ me best, but tis rough seas o’er the AS Cape, an’ I be strugglin’ hard t’ stay astern o’ them! Though ye have me oath as a pirate ye’ll get ye chapters, ye scurvy dog!

        1. It be not wise to call yer Captain a scurvy dog, ye insolent cabin boy, and I be not pleased. Ye get the chapters to me cabin by nightfall, or I’ll be hangin’ ye up by yer pretty locks from the mast yonder.

  1. What do ye do with a drunken aailor
    What do ye do with a drunken sailor
    What do ye do with a drunken sailor
    Er-li in the morning.

    Throw ’em the bilge and make him drinkit
    Throw ’em the bilge and make him drinkit
    Throw ’em the bilge and make him drinkit
    Er-li in the morning.

    (I ain’t to sure I know how to talk like a pairate, but I can sing tha sea chanties! – Yar!) *grin*

  2. “Hey ho ho, we’re honorable men! And before we lose our tempers we will always count to ten! On occasion there may be someone you have to execute, but when you’re a professional pirate….you don’t have to wear a suit!” -Tim Curry, in Muppet Treasure Island. Arrr!

  3. Hmmm, looks like my calling Mimsy Captain Pugwash has finally gone to her head…

    I’ve had my telescope out looking for any sign of the good ship St Mall’s but apart from a little Chinese junk there seems no other vessels in sight…

    BTW our official cover designer wants gazillions for a live photo model option for the SMF cover, so gonna be down to you two!

        1. I used to have a kilt. It was red, and it had a big safety pin. Before that I had a different one, which didn’t, but had a belt. (I think). I don’t really remember this. We’re going back a really long time, I’m not sure I’d even started school, or if I had I wasn’t older than seven.

      1. Speaking of which – I”m guessing St. Mall’s has a kilt for their dress code eh? Which also reminds me, I might be talking about St. mall’s in my next blog post. It was on my mind this morning apaprently in my waking/sleeping state. *grin*

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