Ill-disposed Towards Technology

Ill-disposed Towards Technology

I’m lucky, I know that.

I live in a country that can afford technology, my family have enough money that I as a kid could save up for two and a half years and buy this laptop, then pay for the repairs / upgrades when it broke.

But right now, I’m not feeling very pleased with technology.


Well, Facebook reorganised itself, couldn’t get my head around that. Then WordPress went and moved everything making me rather stressed. And then it turned out that we couldn’t keep our email addresses after switching Internet provider, so I’ve spent about four hours or more of today shifting everything over to my gmail account and archiving it all over again – over a thousand emails.

Before, I had them neatly in folders, read and labelled. Now? They all came through, unlabelled, ‘unread’, straight into my inbox in a steady stream of pain…

And I just archived them. All of them. Well, most of them, a few random ones keep coming through.

I planned to get my work done today, so that when I got home tomorrow from filming a music video I could relax, edit my own video, do some writing (I’m rather behind) and just generally have a good time.


When I get home tomorrow, I’ll do all the work I didn’t have time to do today because of this. And then I’ll tidy my room, which due to major reorganisation in the house looks like a bomb site. And then I’ll do music and dance practice.

And I have a room and a violin and a flute and dance shoes and stuff to put in that room to make it look like a mess, and I know when I complain Mark’s going to make me feel bad by talking about the poor kids where he lives, but right now I just don’t care because I have a splitting headache, I’m going to have redirect every email subscription I have, sort out the gmail->youtube issues I’ve got, and there is a dalek on my desk staring at me.

He’s telling me it’s almost eleven o’clock and I need to wash my hair.

Zark off, dalek. Not in the mood right now. Really not in the mood.

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