Something Sunday: Phoenix Confidential

Something Sunday: Phoenix Confidential

I spent this afternoon filming a music video. Well, acting in one. Well, dancing in one.

I got a few odd looks, I have to admit. Walking down the street in a black leotard, black dress and pink ballet tights generally doesn’t make people like you – I looked like Juliet’s goth sister with those sleeves and stuff. And then dancing in woods with a black mask and feathers around your shoulders doesn’t generally please the tourists. They get frightened, in case it’s some pagan ritual.

It wasn’t. It was my friend Andy making a fool of me for the sake of his music video. His album, Patchwork, is coming out soon, and because I like his  music and one of the songs was inspired by my book, I’m going to tirelessly promote it until you get so fed up you unsubscribe to my blog and I have to run after you to make you come back. Sound like a deal?

Anyway, this song’s called Phoenix, and I was the phoenix (I looked more like a crow, but apparently there’s such thing as a black phoenix) and we went to the woods and I danced, and yeah, it was cool. And I killed my spare ballet shoes, but it’s all right, because they had a hole in anyway.

Spread your wings, we will fly away…

Unfortunately this only served to distract me from work and writing, so I’m rather behind, but I thought I’d tell you about it anyway. I’ll be putting the video of my dance up on YouTube, on my ‘delorfinde’ channel where I put dance and music videos, but on my proper channel will be what was probably the most fun of the day … Phoenix Confidential.

UK viewers will know on BBC 3 after each episode of Doctor Who there’s something called Doctor Who Confidential. We get to see how they filmed various things, and also see the actors messing around. Saturday’s episode was particularly hilarious. While filming this video, we used a secondary camera to take a few shots, and that’s going to be all edited up and put on my vlog very soon.

Highlights include:

  • Failed ballet catches in a field
  • Sword fights with Andy’s crutches
  • Wings falling off mid dance
  • The destruction of a pair of ballet shoes
  • The precision art of dropping pieces of paper
  • And an absolutely fascinating bus journey
Not to be missed!
Obviously, it won’t be up for a while, since I have to edit it and, like, I’m supposed to be working and writing and just yeah, I really shouldn’t be writing this blog post right now. But do you know why I am? Because I love you all just that much! I couldn’t bear not to give you something to read! And now I’m being stupid, so I’m just going to go. I urge you to watch Saturday’s Doctor Who Confidential and the episode itself if you can. It was very funny.

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