StickAid 2011

StickAid 2011

I’ve been posting nothing but videos recently. Sorry.
But it’s Stickaid 2011, and at 12 tonight Music Hour is starting (and I am not going to be allowed to watch it… *sad face*)

(EDIT – I watched it. I did not sleep much. Hence the sleep-deprived blog post that follows this one.)

What is StickAid? says Mark Williams when I email at three in the morning to apologise for not having written any chapters yesterday.

I told him this:

24 hours of helping the world.

It’s a 24 hour live broadcast over the internet. Previously it’s been hosted entirely by Myles Dyer (I’d never heard of him) but this year he had co-hosts, among them several of my YouTube favourites (Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, Liam Dryden).

Basically they get people to donate then do stupid challenges if they get to milestones.

My favourite? “If we get to £3000 by the time the clock reaches 20:10, Alex will sing a song.” Then his cousin Danny pipes up – “If we get to £3250, he’ll sing a song topless.” Somebody donated £200. You can watch the highlights on YouTube, that being one of the first up there. All the money went to unicef so it’s all for a good cause!

THIS IS STICKAID! (Live feed now over – go to for highlights)







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