The Versatile Blogging Awards

The Versatile Blogging Awards

I was nominated by Allegra from ‘Here’s To Us’, which is hugely flattering, of course. She’s also the one who signed me up for Teens Can Write, Too! so you’ve got a lot to blame thank her for!

Here’s how the Versatile Blogging Award works:

  1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 5-7 deserving blogging buddies.
  4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them!

So here are my seven facts…

  1. I often feel like I try to be weirder than I am to get attention. I feel guilty about this, so I try to be normal. And then end up being weird. Thus I figure that I’m just socially inept and I give up on talking to people.
  2. I have several bookshelves in my room. One of them is “Books I’m glad for the world to know I like.” One of them is “Books I like to pretend I’ve read (and in some cases have).” One is, “I do not own these books. Shhh.”
  3. I fell in love with my main character, killed him off, then a year later met a guy who looked like him. That went well…
  4. It takes me way too long to answer to the name ‘Miriam’ because it doesn’t feel like it belongs to me. I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I associate it with childhood and parents and stuff, and I don’t feel like the same person I was before. I really need to think of a new name for myself. Although, apparently I’m called ‘Minimal’, according to my desk-partner Owen from orchestra. So, hey.
  5. Talking of minimal, I’m cutting all my hair off in two weeks. I’ll admit that partly this is because I told my flute teacher and she said, “You won’t do it,” and now I have to, just to prove her wrong. I’m that sort of person.
  6. I want to be a ballet teacher and a writer when I’m older. I intend to study ballet full-time instead of opting for an academic uni course, though it’ll be hard to get in. My parents are not huge advocates of this plan. That’s part of the fun of it ;)
  7. I used to pretend I had an imaginary friend called Ptolemy. He was awesome.

And I am passing this award on to:

Mark Williams with Mark Williams International. Partly because he featured me :)

The Hack Novelist. Wouldn’t call him a ‘buddy’, exactly, but I’ve been following his blog for months and it never ceases to amuse/interest me.

Lorna at Gin & Lemonade. I think hers was the first blog I ever followed after finding it on Freshly Pressed, though it wasn’t the last.

The Last Muggle (to read Harry Potter). Don’t know their name yet. Found this blog via Allegra, very nice indeed, am enjoying it a lot! :)

Spook / Charley / Spookybeast / Beast / Oi, You! (We’ve known each other a while. I’m allowed to get bored of calling her Spook) with The Leaning Tower Of Plot. Because, you know, I like her. And she’s cool.

Elorithryn / Cathryn with The Diary Of A Working, Writing Mother. She doesn’t get many views, just me and Spook mostly, and few comments – she only started the blog a few weeks ago. Hop along and support her, will you?

Bella with Divine Decadence, Darling. Because she’s my sister. And because her travel posts are really interesting. I’ll be honest and say her fashion posts aren’t my favourite, but hey, I spend my life in jeans. Maybe you might like them. :)


11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogging Awards

  1. Congrats for the award. And yeah, teens can write too is really a good idea (hushhh, I’m not a teen anymore).

    And I suggest you a name, in Sanskrit, Mrinmayi (मृण्मयी), means one made of gold!! Doesn’t it sound interesting :-)

    1. Thank you! And I’ll definitely think about that. My sister’s name is Helena, but she calls herself Bella. It’s a very long story. I’m often jealous of her, though – she gets to be someone else. And my brother’s called Benjamin, but he’s been Ben since he was about eleven, to all except me occasionally when I still call him Benjamin. But Miriam. I don’t know. Apart from Mim, there aren’t really any diminutives, and I haven’t been called that since I was eight.

  2. Haha, the social ineptitude post rings true to me – kindred spirits we are. Except I’ve found the easiest thing to do is just behave on the impulse in my head at that moment, and it makes life easier. Doesn’t exactly label me sane, but who needs that, really? ;)

    Ah, Ptolemy, I think you wrote a post about him once. What an epic name!

    1. It was a comment rather than a post, I think – I talked about him in detail as a response to something someone said. But I might be wrong, I might have written about him. In fact, now I’m writing this I’m pretty sure I have…. hmmm.

  3. Erm… Um… Now where am I going to find people to nominate? *giggles*

    And yes when I started reading this post I was half hopeful half scared you’d end up picking me.

    But thank you non the less. MAybe if I have more readers I’ll be better about posting. Can you believe it’s been over two months since I started it? O.o

    Well looks like you’ve givien me my blog topice for tomorrow.

    :} Cathryn / Elorithryn
    (I feel you pain on the name… It took me over four years to settle into Cathryn, as I’d been used to being called Cayla all throughout my youth to the point where cahtryn didn’t feel like me at all.)

    P.s. Miriam Joy is an awesome Author name.

    1. I taggificated you too – you’re so popular xD

      I agree – Miriam Joy rings with “cool” … I think we need epic author names too. My middle name is boring, unfortunately xP

      1. Oh boy! I best go read yours too… I think I lost my followship of your blog.

        Anyway Spook, what’s your middle initaion you could awlays go with C. _. Robson

        (Did you know L.Frank Baum, Wizard of Oz author, used L. because he hated his first name, Lyman?) – I love the library, so glad I’m starting to go again! :}

          1. Miriam Joy :
            I lost my followship of hers as well, and it’s refusing to let me resubscribe.

            I’ve got the same annoyance! I need to work from home though as Blogger hates my work computer and I can’t even post comments!

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