Slightly Legible Updates

Slightly Legible Updates

Well, I say they’ll be slightly legible. I can’t actually guarantee that, since I’ve been typing at a rate of 100 words per minute for the last, oh, I don’t know how long. Anyway, I wrote four thousand words this evening alone despite a band rehearsal and the distraction of Have I Got News For You, and I thought it only fair I gave you a proper update.
So, NaNoWriMo is well underway. For those of you who are new to my blog and haven’t yet heard about NaNo, it’s National Novel Writing Month and the aim is to write 50,000 words (50k) in a month, basically. I generally manage it and write far more, but I lose my sanity in the process. Even when I can write 50k of perfectly good stuff in a normal month, during NaNo I’ll write 100k of crap. It’s entertaining to read back.

So, what have I got to say about life?

Well, my technology achievements this week include finally uploading a video in which I show how I cut all of my hair off, which is something I didn’t mention on this blog. Hop over to my YouTube channel to see that.

Then my phone stopped sending texts, so I’ve reverted to an old black and white screen one. Well, orange and black screen. It’s quite amazingly old – about eight years by my calculation. Anyway, it sends texts messages and so is therefore better than my own. It doesn’t have a ‘sent messages’ feature, but that’s probably a good thing in case anybody goes through my phone… *grin*

And I’ve been enjoying my Kindle for the week, using it not only to read but also to write a bit when I’m on the bus home from ballet, using a website called WriteBoard that I access through the 3G feature. Very useful. Punctuation tends to end up a little erratic as I don’t take the time over it that I should, but oh well.

Now, in other news, I discovered that art teachers, surprisingly, do accept projects based around Frank Turner lyrics. Who knew? So that’s what I’m up to with my art at the moment, working on my mock exam. Oh, yes, exams! The reason that NaNo this year was a bad plan, because my exams start the day it finishes and somehow I have to revise between now and then!

Yeah, it’s disappointing. However, they’ve been lovely and given all of us students study leave for our exams – we’re off school from the day they start, and only come in to take the exam, then go home. The exams are over a two week period and I finish my last one on the second Monday. Bazinga! I get four days off.

Which will be the perfect opportunity to revise Doctor Who series 4. I’ve got a box set, a present to myself, and I’m REALLY looking forward to recapping it.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of mostly unconnected pieces of news, I want to give a massive shout out to all of those who made my Torchwood marathon a couple of weeks ago such an amazing night. You’re probably not reading this, but if you are, then thank you very much. I’m considering dedicating my NaNo novel to you for that.

On November 6th, this Sunday, I’m doing a post for the Teens Can Write, Too! blog chain, on the subject of bizarre and/or disturbing search engine terms (NaNo’s getting to me, I just wrote surch) people have used to get to my blog. You’ll probably remember I did a post on something similar quite recently, but it’s an entertaining topic and I get new searches all the time.

The last thing I can think of is to tell you is… I’ve forgotten what I was going to tell you. *mind blank* Um. I had something to tell you, which I have forgotten, and which I will remember as soon as I publish this post. So, I’m just going to think for a minute.

Oh, yes. The last thing I was going to say is that my nerdy little band may have a name now. After playing with ‘Alien Tech’ for a while, we decided it was too clichéd. Though Caitlin and I still have to clear this with the others, “You, Me, And Our Vogon Baby” is looking like a good one, or “Our Vogon Baby” for short. This relates to a hilarious dream of Caitlin’s, which I won’t share here until she says I can, but which I can guarantee was the weirdest dream I’ve heard from someone in a long time, and the runner-up for that prize is one of hers.

So that’s all from me today. Sorry it wasn’t a hugely interesting blog post, but I had to let the internet know that I was still alive and not limited to one-sentence posts.

Also, I just wrote over 800 words on a blog post which DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS NANOWRIMO!

This is not good.

(NaNo wordcount currently clocking in at a mighty 26,170 words, with today’s target being 6666 words. I think I’m a little ahead. That’s good news.)

8 thoughts on “Slightly Legible Updates

  1. How do you write so much!? I’m only just passed 11k!

    Haha, you have such a hilariously erratic life. I love you, my nutty friend. And yes, I am on a post-play high. So much fun, and everybody’s been jumping up to hug me and stuff. I feel loved and wanted by the world *grins*

    Now, how mad are we going to be over the weekend on the NaNo front eh? xD

  2. Congrats on the 26k! :D I’ve been watching your Write or Die totals just mounting up on Twitter … awesome. :D

    Absolutely looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the Teens Can Write Too! blog chain this month. (:

    1. Write or Die is always my best friend during NaNoWriMo and this year has been no different. Although usually I can’t face the thought of more than 2k in a day, as soon as it’s November, 2k seems like a pathetic amount and I will do whatever I can to get it up :D

      1. Lol, likewise! It’s great for that last oush of the day, especially if I’ve been procrastinating … which I usually have been. xD … lol, again, the same! :D I was looking at my word count last night and just thought ‘hmm … why doesn’t this seem so big anymore? o_o;’ lol

  3. You know I’m going to take my little vicotry over being ahead of Miriam for a day and a half ( I think) and hug it tightly…. I think that’s the best I’ll ever get to do. *grin*

    I hope your first NaNoWriMo weekend goes well… My is looking to be hell. No hubby, probably no babysitter and the kids have done a lot of nap time protests lately… ARGH!

    You’ll find out more in next weeks blog post… *sigh* :}

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