Experiments In Tea

Experiments In Tea

My last post, my rubbishy updates post, was my 200th post on this blog. How awful is that? I was planning to do something special and failed completely! This however is number 201. It’s a Tea 101. No, it’s not. But whatever. I’m tired…excuse my rambling…

I’ve been told, by people and books the world over, that the English drink tea. Arthur Dent of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, is famous for his liking for tea.

I am English. I have lived in England all my life. In fact, in London, with red buses and not tubes, because I’m on the wrong side of the river. But I do not like tea.

Oh, my parents do. Some of my friends do. My sister does. But I do not.

Today, I observed a most depressing sight: my desk. On one side of it is an Italian exercise book. There’s another on the other side of the laptop, by the dalek alarm clock. It sits on top of a Physics revision guide. My bed, to the right, is looking after an English book, a Biology exercise book, a Music coursebook and a score of Chopin’s Prelude in Dflat major, a Physics exercise book, To Kill A Mockingbird, and some Chemistry notes on moles and volumes of gases.

I also have a folder of revision notes, a pile of gel pens, my student planner and a calculator.

This is a Saturday afternoon.

Well, you tell me, you had the whole morning to relax.

No, I didn’t.

So you were writing? That’s your own choice. You didn’t have to do NaNoWriMo.

No, I wasn’t writing. And I did – the voices in my head said so. But that’s another story altogether.

So what were you doing?

Dancing of course. Well, I started by helping the Primary and then the Baby ballet classes (from 9:15am! Oh, cruel world!), and then had my own class, and then hurried to orchestra until half past twelve, and then walked home, and then ate lunch, because I’m a priveleged first world person with ballet classes and food.

And now I have work.

I told myself that at six o’clock, I would have finished everything I had to do. I will then write, do violin practice, and eat dinner, in the space between then and half past nine, when I will watch QI. I know this, because I have set a scheduled tweet at 6pm to say that people should ask me if I’ve finished my work.

If I haven’t, then they will hold me to account.

This seems to me like a good idea, holding myself to ransom. It will increase my productivity and I will be able to write lots in three and a half hours, not that I’ll spend the whole time typing (relax, computer. I really won’t).

So I’d better get on with it.

But what’s that got to do with tea?

Well, you don’t think I could get through this without caffeine, did you?

Actually, no, there’s more of a story to it than that. See, my mum said, “So, you’ve got a whole afternoon of work. Would you like me to help you or encourage you by bringing you some tea about two hours in?”

That’s lovely and sweet of her, but I politely refused – I’m not a tea drinker. “I started drinking tea when I was working for my O-Levels,” she said, in that reminiscing way that parents have. “You’ll have to learn…”

After an hour, the idea was rather appealing. I went downstairs, and made myself some tea. And it was gross. Probably that was partly because I don’t know how to make tea and was guessing, but whatever. Tea isn’t nice. I don’t even feel awake.

But I feel significantly more British than I did before.

Now all I need is a scone.


7 thoughts on “Experiments In Tea

  1. I feel your pain Del – I have English coursework to plan and revision to do for an incomprehensible Ethics test on Monday. But I haven’t done it because I’ve had to do all my housework-type stuff that I normally do on a Saturday. And now I’m trying, pitifully, to NaNo.

    … If only I drank tea. I can’t stand the stuff. But I wouldn’t mind a scone…

    And congrats on over 200 posts! I have no idea how many I’ve done xP

    1. I dislike tea strongly.
      Also, this is why WordPress is much better than Blogger, because it tells you what your post number is after you click ‘publish’. It comes up with “This is your 201st published post and it is ___words long! Congratulations!”

  2. I don’t drink tea to wake me up—it only seems to do so when I accidentally make non-decaf tea before bed, and even then it’s only occasionally—I mostly drink it ’cause it’s warm, & I like it. I’ve kind of always liked it, like I drank it when I was given it when I was little, but I really enjoy it now I’m in school and away from home, to the point where my roommate worries about me and the stability of the universe if I go even a morning without having some.

    1. That is one of the reasons I have been very reluctant to start drinking tea (or coffee or anything else). I’m worried that I’ll get addicted to it, as I have that kind of personality. I eat something, I want another one. Instantly. So tea and I wouldn’t be a good mix.

  3. It’s coffee over here in the states. And you don’t talk to my mother until she’s had a cup.

    Me, I’m not a fan of the stuff. I go for the flavored ‘sissy’ versions that have less caffeine. Then again caffeine doesn’t do much for me and I can go to sleep after drinking a cup of coffee.

    I like tea, but probably not the English standard. I’m more a herbal type of girl, which doesn’t have caffeine… Wait, I do like a good Earl grey fixed right…

    Oh and on to what really caught my eye in your post. You have To Kill a Mocking Bird on your bed? School reading? You’re own choice? I read that in high school, but the teacher didn’t particularly like my portrayal of Boo Raddly in our written assignment afterwards… I think I have it stashed somewhere.

    :} Cayla

    1. School reading, but I’m rocking the book :D
      Oh, I know all about the US and coffee – Doctor Who Confiential, this guy’s like, “What I love most about doing English TV is that they give you tea. You can’t get a good cup of tea on ANY set in the US.”

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