FASEQs Part 1

FASEQs Part 1

It’s time for Frequently Asked Search Engine Questions! Yeah! :)

Sorry, but I’ve had too many funny ones recently. I will probably end up doing this about once a month, since they’re just too funny.

shoes thudding on the floor
Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your affliction. I’ve heard that shoe racks are a good investment, and don’t cost too much. If this is beyond your means, please try taking your shoes off carefully and placing them in a corner. Thank you.

how does maggie stiefvater write novels
She has her own blog, you know. Her 10 step plan includes “7 – There is no number seven” and “10 – Ignore everything I just said, because everyone writes differently” but aside from that, look it up.

my ankle
If you’re having to search for that, you really need glasses. It’s only the other end of your leg.

what did captain jack mean by i cant tell you what im thinking right now
Erm … how old are you? Only, I don’t want to get into trouble with your parents. And you probably shouldn’t be watching Torchwood at your age, either ;)

irish dance my wall
I know that irish dance is sometimes used as a verb (though I’ve never liked it), but I would not do it to a wall.

spock kirk desperate to pee
Again with the peeing! Only this time, it’s Star Trek characters!

can we know who stalk our blog
I’m imagining people poking blogs with pieces of plant, now. Anyway. In answer to your question, mystery reader, yes you can. Well, it depends what platform you’re using. It’s quite easy on, say, WordPress – just go to stats. Did that help?

is central ballet school better than rambert school
That would depend what you want to do, I expect, but I don’t know why you’re asking me. They are both highly respected schools :)

i’m going underground
Take a spade. And a lantern, because it’s dark under there.

what was stephenie meyer gcse’s
First of all, the grammar here … I don’t even know. What were Stephanie Meye’s GCSEs, you mean. Second of all, she’s American, and GCSEs are English. Honestly, what do they teach them in schools these days? (GCSEs, duh.) And finally, why would you want to know anyway? Your GCSEs – I hate to break this to you – do not affect your ability to become a bestseller, but in your case I would recommend a few English booster classes in order to learn the correct use of the past plural of ‘to be’.

people who think school is for nerds
To paraphrase John Green, the Venn diagram of people who think school is for nerds and people you don’t want to date is a circle. However, people who think that people who like school more than they like, you know, relaxing … yes, they’re probably nerds. I don’t know. That’s my personal opinion.

can a library search my bag
Would it matter if they did? I don’t think they can, but I don’t live wherever you live and I’m not a law expert anyway. If you’re behaving suspiciously, probably. Who knows?

i want to see something really cool on the internet
Yay! Hang out on my blog! I can’t guarantee cool – I’m rather not. But interesting, yes. Well, to me at least.

it isint a freindship unless theres
Decent grammar.

rory williams sailing
So he’s Welsh and a pirate now? How exciting! (For the record, he’s not Welsh. At least, it never says that he is. And as far as I know, apart from the weird Pirate episode, he doesn’t sail either.)

5 thoughts on “FASEQs Part 1

    1. Well … yes. In a way. Lol, I did one way before the prompt was announced, because people just get to my blog through such hilarious means. Actually, maybe I just put them on Facebook for my friends? I’m not sure – that’s something I’ve certainly done. Anyway, I got some more funny ones today which I am saving for next month’s edition or whenever I do Part 2.

      1. Can’t wait for next month! ;) Nice talking to you on twitter, btw. If you want to up your follower count it helps to add that you always follow back in your bio. Worked for me.

    1. It is, my sister has Blogspot. Ummm. I can’t remember how to do it but I have another blog on there so if you get stuck, tell me and I’ll look myself and see if I can explain it.

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