Why I *am* A Real Author!

Why I *am* A Real Author!

Why am I real author?

Because of this. (Or this if you’re in America.)

Also known as this:

Look carefully at that list of authors, and you might just find one that’s familiar …

Come on, guys, you can afford this. £0.99! Christmas promotion! Don’t you want me to be able to afford to go to university?

11 thoughts on “Why I *am* A Real Author!

  1. You know I bought it with in moments of hearing about it. :}

    Now I need to read the rest of the tales and see if I can’t read the rest of them and write something of a review for you (and all the other authors). :}

    Can I say I’m still bouncing with Joy for you *giggles*

    1. Yay! One sale already! :) I can’t see the figures myself so I will never know until Mark tells me, but the number of different sites I’ve posted links on, well … if one person who sees the link buys it, that’s about eight people :) And I sent it to a bunch of English teachers at my school, lol, no idea what they’ll think about that!

  2. *jumps up and down squeeing* I will buy this if it kills me! GET ME ZE SHTOOPID KINDLE CASH!, Wait, do I have some … gimme a moment. No I don’t *curses* I’ll get it later xP

    I’m so excited for you Del! Hoping to get myself into the next one – I’m jealous of you, but in a good way. YOU’S A FREAKING AUTHOR NOW!!! 8D

    1. Indeed I am! SQUEEEEEE!
      And yeah Mark told me. Said he hoped to have something good from you. Oh, that’s a point, we’re discussing possibilities of a teen-author anthology. I need to talk to you about that as he wants me to get you to help.
      Attention all teen writers – keeps your eyes fixed on this blog as there may be a competition soon which will be very interesting for you! :D

    2. By the way after Miriam’s Story, Staffie mentions Miriam again as well as You Charlie, with the St. Malroy’s story that you’re all working on. that got me all giggling too!

      :} Cayla

  3. I downloaded it to my PC and read it, as I don’t have a Kindle myself, but evidently one can download Kindle for PC-type applications. Awesome story. I wanna know more! did she get away? how’d she get there to begin with? are there others like her? does she know where her towel is? so many questions! :)

    1. Ha ha, thank you! If she knows what a towel is (she’s pretty intelligent, but has limited education), I expect she also managed to catch a lift from someone halfway across the ocean… ;)

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