Competitions And Anthologies

Competitions And Anthologies

If you follow me on Twitter, hang out in the Spork Room on the NaNoWriMo forums, talk to me on Protagonize, are friends with me on Facebook, or were the recipient of a hyperactive email a few days ago (that is, an email sent by a hyperactive Miriam and not an incredibly bouncy message), you will know that a story of mine was recently included in an anthology, which was released on Amazon on Saturday.

Yes, I was hyper. Friday I was happy because I got the message that the anthology was about to be released. Saturday it actually got released and I was promoting the hell out of it using rather a ‘blitzkrieg’ technique (I was also in the middle of History revision. Did you guess?), and then Sunday it charted and I was so hyper I couldn’t sit still.

Admittedly, I’d been given caffeine and sugar in close succession, just before I saw that we hit #9 in Short Stories, so it’s understandable.

Mark Williams, who was behind the whole plot to take over the world opportunity for Miriam to get published thing, is keen on helping young authors get their foot onto the publishing ladder, and he suggested that one of the future volumes should be for teen writers. You see, they’re planning to do a series – some themed (eg. sci fi, crime, romance), and some a mixture (or so I’m assuming).

I volunteered to do some of the leg work, which was probably a mistake given the exams I’ve got this year, and find some authors. Oh, and write intros for their stories. And, obviously, promote the thing.

Foolish, huh?

But I know that there are a whole bunch of teen writers reading my blog. You’ve got here through Protagonize or the Teens Can Write Too! blog chain, or whatever, and you’re sitting there thinking, An anthology? That I get paid for? That makes me an Officially Published Author? Count me in!

So I propose a competition.

This isn’t an anything-goes-bung-in-some-words thing, as the anthology is a Proper Publication and has to be of the Highest Quality. However, if you think you’ve got it in you to write a short story of publishable standard, then here are your chances.

The prize:

The best entries will be collected in an anthology and e-published by Mark Williams International Digital Publishing, with intros by myself and possibly Saffina Desforges (details to be finalised). Writers will be paid for their work, a percentage of anything the anthology makes, as with the other anthologies.

The Rules:

  • You must be a teen writer. This is anyone aged between 13 and 19, in case you didn’t get the teen bit.
  • The story must be between 1 and 15,000 words. I doubt you’ll be able to express yourself quite so well in five words as you would in five hundred, but you never know. Go for it. Try your best.
  • The story must be your own work and not copied from anywhere else.
  • You must own the rights to your story (if it’s been published under some contracts, you won’t be able to republish it until that’s expired, so be careful).
  • I don’t think there’s anything else that I’ve missed – I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I have!

We’re particularly interested in the whole idea of teens writing for teens – stories written by teenagers for other teenagers. However, any genre is welcome.

The competition isn’t open yet, although feel free to start writing, to give you time to share it among other teen writers you know. There will be a dedicated page on the blog for it soon, when I have worked out all of the details.

Remember, this is an entirely genuine offer, and unless something seriously dramatic happens (like MWiDP folds because Mark is abducted by aliens, or my computer gets eaten by a kraken and I am unable to connect to the internet to read entries), the publication** will go ahead! Smile

So get writing, get sharing, and I’ll see you back here when the competition opens.

And in the meantime, were you looking for something to read?

**I totally did not just sit here for several minutes trying to work out if it was publification or publishification…honestly…

5 thoughts on “Competitions And Anthologies

  1. *goes a little bit green* I feel I must bow before your mighty authorness now …. gyah! *giggles*
    I’ve sent Mark a load of my short stories, but I don’t think he’s got round to looking at them yet, blast him xP, but I suppose I’ve effectively entered this contest anyway, hee hee!

    Still, a huge congratulations from me anyway – and which short story of yours is in there? The Eagle Child, wasn’t it? Or have I got the wrong end of the figurative stick?

    1. Yep, Eagle Child. You’ve read that one, haven’t you? ;)
      Ah, but the difference with this contest is that I would be choosing which ones I thought most deserved to be in the anthology, so you’d have to get past me first ;)

      1. I have indeed – and a lovely story it was too.
        Ahaha, I see. Best of luck to all the entrants – I’m hoping our mutual friend is willing to tell me which one of my stories I should edit up and get ready for publication. I feel like I really ought to get a wriggle on over that now xD

  2. Can I subtract erm, um… never mind *sigh* I shall just again reiterate my wish to have been born in your generation, across the pond, rather than in mine, but it’s pretty fertile on that ground and I think my hubby and kids would but a bit disheartened if I suddenly went poof.

    Good luck though and if you need help with anything you let me know. :}


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