Creativity Galore!

Creativity Galore!

I think in the past few days I’ve used pretty much every aspect of my creative personality – on Saturday there was the release of this anthology, and although I’d already written it I ended up writing lots of blog posts and comments about it, which totally counts; on Monday I had an audition for a ballet course which was very hard work and I didn’t get in; the last few days have been totally taken up with art as I have an exam soon; and today, after four hours of artwork, I did some recording for a small album I’m making.

Recording is such hard work!

We spent several hours on Monday working on, but it didn’t work at all, just blank tracks. After much experimentation last night, we managed to deduce that we hadn’t been ‘assigning’ tracks to the input ports, so it wasn’t registering them. Yep, good plan. Last night I recorded a couple of things to practice, and then today we recorded properly.

I think we succeeded in doing three tracks. The Clumsy Lover/Contradiction Reel set didn’t work out, because I forgot to warn the guitarist about the time signature change in the middle and we hadn’t practiced yet. Farewell to Ireland wasn’t at all bad, though, and we managed to finally get both the vocals and the guitar part done for Siuil a Run. We finished with Catharsis and Tam Lin – so that’s four tracks in total. Which, apparently, is a lot for three hours’ work, although I didn’t think it was.

After an entire day of drawing the National Gallery (don’t ever let me draw large Renaissance buildings ever again) and mounting photographs, it was a relief to take my anger out on my violin with a few vigorous tunes, even if I got so hot I had to stop and turn off all the electrical equipment and get some fresh air :) And I’ve learned several important things this week about ballet and how hard it is to make it in the industry. Plus, I’m now a published author, so life has been teaching me a lot recently!

There have been some steep learning curves, but next time I come to do any of the things I’ve attempted recently I will know what to expect and hopefully, I will do them better. And that’s what it’s about, isn’t it? I don’t have to do them perfectly the first time, so long as I improve them the second time. And then the third, and then the fourth….

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