Books I’ve Read Recently

Books I’ve Read Recently

I thought, just randomly, that I would talk today about books I’ve read recently! Because I’m supposed to be editing and I’m procrastinating :)

So, here are the last twenty books I can remember reading. This is not necessarily the last twenty books I read and is definitely not in order. However, it is twenty books that I read in the last couple of months that I can remember off the top of my head.

Actually, twenty is too optimistic. I can’t remember that many. Ten books.

  1. Numbers 2: The Chaos (Rachel Ward)
    I am literally reading this series in reverse order. I’ve now read the third and the second. I’m hoping the library will have the first one next time I go, but can’t be bothered to reserve it.
  2. Twilight Robbery (Frances Hardinge)
    The title makes this sound like a kids’ book. Actually, it is a children’s book. However, it’s the sequel to ‘Fly By Night’ which I adore and this one was just as good. Probably one of my favourites I’ve read recently.
  3. The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater)
    Brilliant as usual. Do you need to ask?
  4. Looking for Alaska (John Green)
    I’ve read this before, so it wasn’t new to me. As with the previous time, there were parts I really liked and parts I really didn’t.
  5. To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
    I read this for school but loved it so it goes on this list.
  6.  Misery (Stephen King)
    Again, a re-read. The first time I read this I stayed up ’til one to see if he lived. This time, I … stayed up ’til twelve just to check he lived this time as well.
  7. Inheritance (Christopher Paolini)
    Longest book I’ve ever read on my Kindle. I think it was better than the others, but it’s so long since I’ve read them that I can’t say for certain.
  8. We Need To Talk About Kevin (Lionel Shriver)
    Okay, so I read this way back in October, but either my memory has gone or I haven’t read anything much recently. I cried. A lot.
  9. Indie Chicks (Various)
    Anthology-thing on my Kindle that I have to admit, I never quite finished. But I spent ages reading it so it’s going on this list to prove I have an excuse for being slow and not reading anything.
  10. The Everyday Dancer (Deborah Bull)
    I found this fascinating – probably because I want to be a ballet dancer. A really interesting insight into the world of ballet that I wished could have been longer! I have the Kindle edition.

As if to prove that I’ve been spending too much time editing and writing recently, instead of reading, it was almost impossible to write this list. I’m pretty sure I’ve read more than that, but it would seem I haven’t. Hmm. If you want me to talk in more detail about any of these books, leave a comment!

What have you read recently? Have you read any of these, and did you like them? Which is your favourite?

4 thoughts on “Books I’ve Read Recently

  1. Is Inheritance the fouth book or third? I remember it was like pulling teeth at times to even pick up the third book to get back into it. Once I was in it, I had no problems continuing, even when I wanted to strangle Earagon multiple times… *grin*

    I really ought to start making a list of the books I”m going to purchase once I have my e-reader. *sigh* Indie Chicks (I’m pretty sure it’s the book I think it is) shoudl be on that list.

    *huggles* Mirima, now get back to editing! You have a deadline. :}

    1. Inheritance is the fourth one, the ‘last’ – although he’s said there’s potential for another and I guess there is, but it’s already been about 100,000 words, as a series, and we don’t need any more!

  2. I really liked Scorpio Races. It was very refreshing. The Everyday Dancer sounds interesting. There’s a real fascination these days with dancers – from So You Think You Can Dance to Black Swan. I used to watch my dancer friends bandage up their feet and there was something very gruesome yet romantic about it. But mostly gruesome…

    1. Indeed – very gruesome. The Everyday Dancer just goes through, well, everyday dance! The Contents includes:
      Class; corps de ballet rehearsal; lunch; soloist and principal calls; new work; the half-hour call; curtain up; curtain down.
      So it basically goes through the day of a ballet company, in lots of detail. It’s very interesting!

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