FASEQs – Part 2

FASEQs – Part 2

I wanted to make a video today but I have lost my voice almost completely (quite traumatic as I talk a lot) and so decided a blog post would probably be more practical. The only thing is, having my brain stuffed up with illness and goo means I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to talk about… O.o

So, I’m going to talk about search engine terms! Again. Because I’ve had some really funny ones recently. And because it’s an excuse to post lots of pictures :)

One that’s come up a couple of times recently is pronunciation of scone. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any definite answer to this. I, however, think that it rhymes with ‘phone’, and shall not be persuaded otherwise (although if it’s required to stop the arguments, you may pronounce it scoonie).

The one that made me laugh the most was is there anyone jack harkness wouldn’t want to do? The answer can be aptly summed up in this picture:

Moving swiftly on, I was really rather confused and not a little alarmed by true friendship for girls who. telk to their hourse a. I don’t know what it was meant to say, but people looking online for anything starting with ‘true friendship’ worry me. They ought to get out more…

I did rather like i am more than just a dancer because I think I could be friends with somebody who types that into Google.

This one, however – nerds + cool + social  – contradicts itself. I don’t know as I’ve ever seen the words ‘social’ and ‘nerds’ in the same sentence together, except with a negative in between them.

I laughed out loud at where do liam dryden and charlie mcdonnell get their shirts because I have absolutely no idea how that lead to my blog. I also don’t know the answer, although Liam did auction off a bunch of his for Project for Awesome, so whoever you are, you may have missed an opportunity there.

By the way, if the following has ever happened, tell me. terry pratchett talks about vlogbrothers. It would make my day.

Ah, now, here we have a ‘fill in the blanks’ sort of thing. time lord vs. They never finished that one – maybe they were on Google instant and it came up with my blog before they finished? I’d be interested to know what they originally intended to say, though. Suggestions as comments would be very welcome.

“are fairies immortal” is an interesting one, and I know exactly how it led to my blog. The answer, readers, is that it depends on what sort of fairies you’re writing/reading/talking about.

I’m not sure I know how to get your girlfriend to worry about you, nor can I give you instructions on how can i talk to maggie stiefvater through email, and I can’t really help with your quest for an elvish manuscript, either. However, I can tell you what is stickaid … if, that is, I could remember what my post was called. Just type ‘Stickaid’ into the search bar and it’ll probably come up. *gestures vaguely at search bar*

Anyway my earache is utterly killing me so I’m going to go without posting any more pictures (sorry!), but I hope you found that at least vaguely entertaining.

4 thoughts on “FASEQs – Part 2

  1. What about the sentence: “A geek is a cool nerd with social skills”? No negativity there… though it does implay that nerds have no social skills… anyway moving on. Yes the jack picture was nice. I had to click on it to make it bigger to see if it really did mean to be white space. :}

    And erm.. yes that concludes my comments for the day as I need to go find my lunch bag and eat something. Toddles!

    :} Cathryn (or what ever name you feel like calling her today) {:
    P.S. I hope you get better soon!

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