Coincidentally Confusing

Coincidentally Confusing

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, I’ve been right up to my ears in editing recently – to the point where I edited a further 4.5k on Christmas Day, something I never thought I would do. However, I’m actually working on a complete rewrite, and right near the end I had a brand-new scene in which I invented an incredibly awesome creature.

The book is based around Celtic stuff, and the sidhe (fairies, to the uninitiated), so I pulled out Daragh Smyth’s “A Guide to Irish Mythology” which I have found invaluable during the writing process, and flicked through the index to try and find something that sounded like my creature. I didn’t find anything. So I went to the Special Notes and looked through that instead.

While I was doing this, I came across an entry, which I have typed up here (extract is from book mentioned above and isn’t my own work so yeah copyright stuff):

Cormac Connlonges: lit. Cormac head of the exiles; said to have been an incestuous son of Chonchobar mac Nessa, he was exild when he sided with Fergus mac Róich against his father.

Now, this is very interesting. I think more interesting to those who’ve read my book,  and even more interesting to those who’ve read the recent draft, which has even more similarities (in that, he wasn’t exiled in my previous ones, and he was in this on). But basically, I have this character called Cormac, who sides with Alex against the Dagda (who is Alex’s father,  not Cormac’s, but whatever), and kind of gets exiled because of it.

And I only saw this entry when I was four chapters from the end of the book! How exciting!

I also came across the word péist (old irish: béist) which means dragon, or sea-serpent. ‘Dragon’ serves my purposes so I’m using béist for my creature, although Mel (one of my characters) just gets bored and calls it George for a while, because I’ve been ill and editing with a headache can be considerably more amusing as your ‘creative juices’ spill in all sorts of directions.

That sounds kind of weird.

I’m not puking up novels, by the way. I’m not puking up anything. I’m just watching a parakeet (green) sit on the apple tree in my garden, because for some reason there are these parakeets that randomly fly around where I live. We think they escaped from someone a couple of years ago but for some reason they’re still around. Wow, tangent. Sorry, I just happened to notice this random green bird on the apple tree. If my window was clean enough to take pictures through, I’d take a picture, but it’s really not. There’s a job for me, the next time I’m procrastinating.

Okay, there’s a picture. Can you see the bird? Nope, neither can I, and I took the thing. If you see it, do tell me where it is… *hunts for random elusive green bird*

Well, I’d love to stick around and do a long post, but not only is it lunch time, I also have to dash – I’m having a rather complicated text conversation with a friend who’s done something stupid. This happens to me a lot. *sigh* Thank you for your patience!

5 thoughts on “Coincidentally Confusing

  1. The bird is just about in the center of the picture. Easy to spot when I clicked on the image and it got bigger. :}

    *hugs* to you and hoping you feel weel soon. turns out my son had a sinus infection that ruptured his ear drum. He’s totally not in a logic stage and fights taking the medicine. *bleck*

    Anyway. Have fun with that conversation. Hope if turns out for the best (even if the best doesn’t seem like it at the time… ha ha, qualifications *sigh*)

    :} Cathryn

  2. Since most of my friends are in very dedicated relationships at the moment, I have to deal with a lot of their crap, too. Not that your friend’s mistakes are crap; my friends, though I love them, do and say some of the most ridiculous stuff. It’s irritating as well as time-consuming. That’s not very nice. I have to work on that.

    Are you still ill? I myself can feel something coming; I already have the migraine and random aches and whatnot. *sigh* Here we go again. Hope you feel better, though! Glad you’re getting so much done.

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